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Hail the King Chapter 664.2

Chapter 664: Prince Simon of the Marse Empire (Part Two)

“Damn! This is truly shocking! He sure is brave! Haha, his nickname, [Sky Covering Fist], sure is accurate. Is he trying to capture all the masters in the region? Hahaha, he is too arrogant! He is going to pay for all this!”

“The Chambordians are this powerful? This forbidden-spell-level water-elemental magic array formation alone means that the Chambord Kingdom is comparable to a level 1 empire! The King of Chambord sure is ambitious!”

All the guests on the square were shocked.

Since they were inside this forbidden-spell-level water-elemental magic array formation, they all felt insecure and afraid.

Even the people of the Holy Church were surprised. A mysterious elderly priest who was standing in front of Priest Zola and Holy Knight Luciano and had a confident smile on his face changed his expression, and the five holy knights who were silent behind him all jumped up in surprise.

At this moment, the King of Chambord and his two beautiful fiancées already reached the fourth level on the nine-leveled platform.

From the beginning until now, this young king didn’t even turn around once, and neither did his two future queens.

[War Pirate] Mellberg finally got a little surprised and cautious. Events that were outside of their plans kept on happening, and he suddenly felt like this young king was in control of everything. The silence and no reactions from the King of Chambord finally scared him a little.

Even though the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] hadn’t attacked yet, he jumped out first and was going to be sacrificed first as well.

“That damn [Fire Blood Mercenary Group]! None of them stood out!” he thought, “I thought this little kingdom couldn’t do anything to my mercenary group, but now it seems like this little king isn’t that simple. It looks like I need to get serious!”

As Mellberg was about to make a move himself, someone finally stood out from the VIP areas.

“Alexander, what is the meaning of this? Did you use a forbidden-spell-level water-elemental magic array formation to envelop this entire square? What is this? You want to imprison all of us?” This person was aggressive. He instantly accused Fei of doing something immoral, and he called Fei by his name without holding back.

This man looked like he was about 30 years old and had short black hair. At the moment, arrogant lights were flashing in his triangular-eyes.

He was wearing a set of dark-red fancy magic armor, and it was giving out a glare. On the inside, he was wearing a light-blue shirt with an M-shaped royal symbol on it.

Everyone gasped.

Many people already recognized this man; he was Prince Simon of the Marse Empire and the group leader of the envoy group from his empire.

Behind him, there were three warriors who were dressed in light-blue royal armor of the Marse Empire, and their warrior energy flames shone brightly.

Just their auras alone were impressive. Even though they didn’t battle anyone yet, their presences told others that they were in Moon-Class.

As a prince of Marse, Prince Simon wasn’t polite at all; he was pretty much accusing Chambord of wrongdoing.

Although it wasn’t directly expressed, people could tell that he was standing on the side of [Wind Horse Mercenary Group].

Many people wondered, “Is the Marse Empire going to stand against Chambord and try to destroy it at this moment?”

Faced with the accusation, Chambord responded.

Head Minister Bast walked out of the northern area on the square elegantly, showing the etiquettes of a noble gentleman.

“My Majesty doesn’t mean any malicious intent. Chambord is just trying to be a good host to our real friends and offer them great food and wine. On the other hand, we are going to capture all the sly wolves hiding in the crowd. Just in case that these people escape from here and kill our powerless citizens, we have to do this,” Bast said with a strange smile on his face as he looked at the people of Marse, “Prince Simon, if your Marse Empire isn’t trying to be hostile toward Chambord, why are you so nervous and pressing right now?”

What Bast said was neutral and proper, instantly calming down those who were friendly yet nervous about being inside this [Water Screen Heavenly Glare].

‘Humph! I don’t care about that! Protecting your citizens is something that you should do, but the existence of this magic array formation makes me uncomfortable! I will give you guys three seconds to remove it! Otherwise, the masters of Marse are going to attack!” With an arrogant expression on his face, Prince Simon threatened.

Then, the three warriors of Marse slowly walked out, and the warrior energy flames around them intensified.

After sensing their real power, the other guests on the square thought to themselves in surprised, “They are real Moon-Class Elites!”

It looked like Prince Simon of Marse had the backing to be arrogant.

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