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Hail the King Chapter 665.1

Chapter 665: What is Justice? (Part One)

The smarter people in the VIP areas suddenly thought of something, and their expressions started to change.

At this moment, even idiots could tell that Prince Simon of Marse was trying to find an excuse to flip out on the King of Chambord, and it was clear that this was set up beforehand.

Jumping out at this critical moment and giving Chambord a ridiculous request clearly sent a message!

Asking Chambord to put away a forbidden-spell-level magic array formation alone was a reckless request, and it was clear that Prince Simon was trying to find an excuse to attack Chambord.

The smell of conspiracy and killing dispersed into the air.

Several masters from the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] and the Marse Empire expressed hostility toward Chambord, and everything wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

This wedding night wasn’t going to be smooth.


The three masters from Marse Empire moved forward silently without saying a word, and their powerful auras crashed forward mercilessly.

“Hahaha! Open this magic array at this instant! Otherwise, I’m going to give them the order to kill everyone here! Humph! You are only a little affiliated kingdom! How dare you ignore the request from a prince? If I don’t teach you a lesson, you would never understand the difference between getting lucky and real power!” Prince Simon of Marse said proudly. As he pointed at Chambordians, mockery was unhidden on his face.

“Two Moon-Class Elites of yours are already occupied! How could a little affiliated kingdom have more Moon-Class Elites?” he thought.

It was also the thoughts in many guests’ minds.

However, just as people thought that Chambord was in a huge disadvantage, something shocking occurred again.

“Humph! Shameless b*stards! You aren’t even that powerful! Is the Marse Empire that good?” a cold sneer sounded from the northern area on the square, and three figures walked out in a line.

They stood in front of the 100 bylaw enforcement officers and Head Minister Bast, looking like they formed a giant wall. The powerful auras of the three warriors of the Marse Empire were shattered once they met these three people as if waves smashed onto giant reefs.

“Three more Moon-Class Elites? This is impossible!” someone cried out in shock.

“Impossible!” This phrase had been used more than four times in less than half an hour!

Every time something looked deadly and hopeless, Chambord would create a miracle!

One of the three masters of Chambord had short silver hair, and he was burly, giving people a suffocating pressure. As golden warrior energy flames enveloped him, his aura told everyone what realm he was on without having to fly in the sky.

One of the other masters had short black hair and was thin and tall. His arms reached his knees, and his face was a bit white despite his shiny, eagle-like eyes. The last person was a bit shorter and looked like he was in his twenties. He gave people an agile feel as if he were going to disappear into the air in the next moment.

“It is Mr. Pierce, Mr. Cech, and Mr. Robbin!”

The Chambordians who were standing outside the magic array were excited. They instantly recognized the three people! These warriors were all pretty weak before, but they got so powerful under the nurturing of their king!

The outsiders who researched into Chambord’s past all lost the ability to speak temporarily.

Second Prince Dominguez of Zenit accidentally squeezed Oka, the little disabled dog, too hard, making the latter bark loudly.

“Pierce! Guardian of Golden Capricorn Mountain! Gold Saint of Capricorn!”

Pierce learned how to show off from his king, so he put on the coolest pose and stated his identity slowly by emphasizing each word. His sharp eyes instantly locked onto one of the three Moon-Class Elites from Marse, and he immediately dashed forward and punched out, casting a sword energy.

At this moment, a cloud of blue flames suddenly appeared on the square.

In the next second, the audience saw something unimaginable!

Pierce and this Moon-Class Elite of Marse were enveloped by another blue half-sphere which had the diameter of about 20 meters. The ground inside the half-sphere suddenly displayed a hexagram, and various mysterious blue magic runes flashed around, building a wall made from lights.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

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