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Hail the King Chapter 665.2

Chapter 665: What is Justice? (Part Two)

The two Moon-Class Elites each struck out more than 100 times in that short time window, and sharp energies that could penetrate mountains appeared and spilled in all direction. However, as soon as they collided with the blue light wall, they disappeared instantly, not even causing a ripple on it.

“An…… another forbidden-spell-level magic array?” people thought.

“No! This…… is a battle seal! It is [Water God Battle Seal]! Damn it! How did Chambord get its hands on this kind of magic array?” [War Pirate] Mellberg reacted first.

Even though he had experienced a lot of things, he gasped in shock. It was enough to prove how unique and powerful this array was.

Only the real powerful masters knew the abilities of battle seals.

Mellberg’s face suddenly turned ugly, and he grew fearful for the first time. He even doubted the success rate of tonight’s operation.

The Chambord Kingdom, the King of Chambord…… He couldn’t see through them.

At the same time, two more clouds of blue flames appeared.

The other two Moon-Class Elites of Marse encountered their opponents, and they had nowhere to hide.

Before they could do anything, the two [Water God Battle Seal] that suddenly appeared blocked them, making them unable to coordinate with each other. They had no choice but to take on the warriors of Chambord heads-on.

“Guardian of Golden Scorpio Mountain! Gold Saint of Scorpio, Cech!”

“Guardian of Golden Libra Mountain! Gold Saint of Libra, Robbin!”

The two shouts sounded in the [Water God Battle Seals], and the two warriors of Chambord attacked at the same time. Golden metal-elemental warrior energy and green wind-elemental warrior energy both shined, and the two warriors of Chambord used their most powerful ultimate techniques on their opponents.

On the square, loud explosion noises sounded within the three [Water God Battle Seals].

The terrifying energy surges appeared like tsunamis, and they even covered the figures of the six masters. Even though the light walls created by the [Water God Battle Seals] blocked most of the energies, the guests on the square could still sense how violent the battles were.

To most of the guests, they had never witnessed death battles between Moon-Class Elites this close, and they were very excited. The Star-level Warriors focused all their attention on the three battles, wanting to sense everything. Perhaps a move or a moment could inspire them and help them break through their thresholds.

At this movement, on the nine-leveled platform, King Alexander of Chambord and his two beautiful fiancées walked up the stairs calmly and casually. As their robes and dresses fluttered in the wind, they proceeded forward like a god and two goddesses. Right now, no one was paying attention to them due to the battles that were going on, and they were only four levels away from the ninth level.

If it were any other king, being threatened by both the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] as well as the Marse Empire would scare them to death and make them beg for mercy.

However, none of this was even though to make the King of Chambord turn around and acknowledge them.

“Humph! The King of Chambord! Aren’t you a little arrogant? Both Group Leader Mellberg and Prince Simon asked you questions, but you completely ignored them…… Do you really think that since this is your territory, no one would uphold fairness and justice?” Another person stood out of the VIP area.

He was Prince Sark of the Maze Empire, and there were also three masters standing behind him.

It was the similar attitude, words, provocation, and excuse. Most people didn’t expect Prince Sark of Maze to stand against the Chambord Kingdom, just like Prince Simon of Marse. It was clear that he was representing the will of the Maze Empire as a whole.

“How did the Chambord Kingdom trigger so many powerful forces?” Many people thought. As they felt like tonight’s event was moving toward a terrifying and unpredictable future, something occurred.


A figure fell from the sky and smashed onto the ground.

It was the first Moon-Class Elite of Chambord who stood out, Drogba, and this muscular man had several deep and bloody wounds on his body. Blood flowed out of the wounds continuously, staining half of his body. As he half-kneeled on the ground and propped himself up using his right arm, his blood even soaked the ground under him.

“From the look of it…… Is Drogba defeated?” people thought.

Just as when people thought Chambord lost the first battle, another figure fell from the sky and landed onto the ground like a meteor, sending a ton of dust and chipped stones into the air. This figure didn’t move after he fell.

It was [Bitter Murder God] Elm, the infamous Moon-Class Elite of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group].

This famous butcher was now…… dead!

Everyone’s face froze!

Mellberg opened his eyes wide and couldn’t believe what he saw! Elm was one of his most trusted subordinates and was like his arm to him. Elm was an experienced Moon-Class Elite who had been through thousands of battles, but he died here at Chambord?

The overbearing Prince Sark of Maze suddenly felt cold after seeing this, and his opened mouth didn’t say anything.

“Yuck!” Under everyone’s stare, Drogba who was stained in blood slowly stood up and whipped the blood off his face. With battle-hunger still in his eyes, he spat out a mouthful of spit mixed with blood, and he sneered like a ferocious beast, “Uphold justice? Who? You? What a f*cking joke! Where is justice? What is justice? F*cking tell me!”

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