Chapter 666: Deaths of Masters (Part One)

“You…… You…… How dare you talk to me like that?”

Prince Sark of Maze was furious after hearing Drogba’s words. As a prince of a mighty empire, he was only weaker than a few people and more powerful than millions! There were a ton of soldiers and masters under his command, and his status was prestigious! The fact that the warrior of a little kingdom talked to him in such a rude manner made him so mad that he couldn’t even speak properly, and his elegance and demeanor of a prince were all lost.

“Hehe, Your Highness, please calm down; he is not worthy! Although this bug of Chambord is a Moon-Class Elite, he is half dead! I only need to strike him once to decapitate him! Your Highness could use his head as a ball and kick it for fun!” A bearded master of Maze stood out from behind Prince Sark and said with a vicious grin.

He was stunned by Drogba’s fearlessness and battle-hunger, but he couldn’t wait to jump out now. He could tell that Drogba was severely injured from the previous battle. After all, [Bitter Murder God] Elm was an infamous Moon-Class Elite of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], but Drogba was only someone who recently reached this level.

Although Drogba surprised everyone and killed his opponent, he was severely injured. Without his combat abilities, this bearded master of Maze thought he could take advantage of this situation.

“Ok! Really torture him and don’t let him die to fast! I need this bug whine and cry as his blood gets drained from him!” Prince Sark said in hatred.

“Don’t worry, Your Highness! I will make this bug regret ever being born!” the bearded master replied.

He walked a few steps forward and instantly released his aura. Streaks of blue warrior energy flames enveloped him, and splashing sounds of water resonated in the area as if there were endless ocean waves. It was clear that he was a Moon-Class Elite.

Drogba couldn’t even stand up straight at the moment. It was impossible for him to fight another Moon-Class Elite.

Sitting in one of the VIP areas, a handsome young man who had blond hair lightly sighed. He looked at the young king who already set foot on the ninth level of the platform and felt like it was time for him to do work. Just as he turned around, smiled at the two beautiful girls who were in tight-fit bodysuits, and was about to stand up, something happened again.

Whoosh!!!!! Bam!!!!!!!!

A loud, ear-piercing noise sounded, and a dash of green warrior energy flames fell from the sky as if it was another meteor. It smashed onto the ground and left a long tail in the sky.

When the dust settled, everyone looked there and was stunned again.

After a moment of silence, everyone looked at [War Pirate] Mellberg in sympathy.

At this moment, Mellberg himself shivered, and his eyes turned bright red. The insane amount of anger and pain put him in a berserk mode; even his face was twisted.

It turned out that the other Moon-Class Elite of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] who was fighting Torres in the sky died!

He had a hoarse voice and a gloomy expression, and his death was also tragic.

A mystic black arrow that had a silver glare shot this mage in the heart from above and pinned him onto the ground! The arrow penetrated his left chest and destroyed his ribs and heart, and it killed this ice-elemental mage who was scary to many people and nailed his corpse right next to [Bitter Murder God] Elm.

Masters died!

The two masters of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], the Moon-Class Elites who were like left and right arms of [War Pirate] Mellberg, the two infamous people who dominated over the region and had their hands stained in blood……

They had been through thousands of battles and killed many powerful masters! Who could have thought that they would fail at the little Chambord Kingdom, dying before having the opportunity to escape?

It was deadly silent.

To the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], it was a huge blow!

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