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Hail the King Chapter 666.2

Chapter 666: Deaths of Masters (Part Two)

After today, this no.1 mercenary group in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit would fall in rankings! After losing about 40% of its top-tier combat power, this title wouldn’t belong to them anymore.

As people started to gasp and murmur, a cloud of green warrior energy flames appeared on the square.

After the warrior energy flames died down, [Son of Wind] Torres appeared beside Drogba. He was in a much better condition compared to [Black-Haired Vicious Fist]. Except for a layer of blue frost under his knees, there weren’t any injuries on him. As his long blond hair fluttered in the wind, his handsome face and slender figure were shined upon by the moon, making him look like a holy elf.

The murmurs on the square finally reached an unstoppable level!

It got louder and louder.

In the end, almost everyone couldn’t suppress their shocks and started chatting amongst themselves while ignoring the reactions of people like Mellberg.

It seemed like Second Prince Dominguez was already used to this. As he lightly squinted his eyes, no one knew what he was thinking about. On the other hand, Oka the dog looked around in his arms, acting very energetic and curious.

[Demonic Woman] Paris was so shocked that her beautiful face twitched as her mouth opened to an O-shaped, and [Red Beard] Granello was rubbing his face subconsciously while pulling out his beard, that he treasured, one hair at a time.

The mysterious gold-masked Group Leader of the [Fire Blood Mercenary Group] sat still on the chair. Since this gold mask blocked this person’s face, others didn’t know what the reaction was. Instead, the three giant warriors who were standing behind this person got excited.

These three warriors were only wearing tight-fit leather shorts, and they weren’t wearing anything on the top. With their axes on their backs, it was clear that the ferociousness of the warriors of Chambord stirred up their battle-hunger as well.

Prince Gurkov of Bordeaux looked excited, but the four young knights who were dressed in fancy armors behind him were scared. As their faces paled, they looked down and didn’t dare to glance at that demon-like young king on the platform.

In the area where the people of the Holy Church were sitting, Priest Zola and Holy Knight Luciano’s faces paled as well. They were sweating a lot, and their clothes were soaked. However, the white-haired elderly priest who was sitting beside them already calmed down, and he was looking around with a confident smile on his face as if he were watching a show

The best part wasn’t here yet!


-In the center of the square-

The sudden change surprised that bearded Moon-Class Elite of Maze, and he stopped his steps.

He was confident in dealing with Drogba who was severely injured, but he was no longer sure of himself when Torres landed. He wasn’t a ferocious warrior in the first place, and he only jumped out when he saw he could take advantage of the situation. Since the situation had changed, he started to hesitate.

“Yuck! How could such a coward say that he can decapitate me?” Drogba sneered with disdain when he saw this.

Although Torres just stood there and didn’t say anything, the mocking smirk on his face told everyone how he felt about this.

“What are you waiting for! Go and kill him!” Prince Sark of Maze was embarrassed by this, and he shouted angrily.

After various expressions appeared on this bearded Moon-Class Elite’s face, he clenched his teeth and looked like a prisoner who was about to be hung. As he looked at the two masters of Chambord, he hesitated and said, “This is a two on one, and it is not fair. If you have the guts, fight me one on one!”

“Hahaha!” Drogba instantly laughed out loud, and the mockery wasn’t hidden at all.

Torres lightly shook his head and smiled uncontrollably as well.

“What? You guys don’t have the guts?” This bearded man was truly talented. He let go of everything and stuffed his honor and dignity into his underwear. He provoked, “If you aren’t daring enough, get the f*ck out of my face! I don’t want to fight with two cowards!”

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