Chapter 667: Real Warriors (Part One)

Before this bearded Moon-Class Elite could finish speaking, Drogba suddenly stopped laughing and opened his eyes wide. As his aura expanded, he suddenly stood up and took a step forward, looking like a demon.

Even though all the newly-formed scars on his body burst open, and blood flowed down his body, it seemed like he didn’t even notice it.

As he walked forward dominantly, he roared, “B*stard! If you have the balls, come and fight me one on one! If I can’t destroy you with one strike, I wouldn’t be a warrior under King Alexander His Majesty’s command!”

His loud voice and viciousness instantly made all the guests on the square sense a chill.

Even those who opposed Chambord had to give Drogba a thumb up. In their mind, this Taurus Gold Saint was a real warrior!

“Hahaha! Good! You said that! I will give you some face and fight you!” The bearded Moon-Class Elite was thrilled to see that Drogba fell for his provocation trickery, and he instantly walked up just in case his opponent regretted this.

Even though Drogba was still staggering a little and couldn’t stand still, he was staring at his opponent with cold glares.

The bearded Moon-Class Elite walked forward. He was in his best state, so it was hard for Drogba to win in almost any circumstance.

If Drogba wanted to fight, it would be like hitting a stone with an egg.

Drogba would be dead for sure.

Just as many people felt pity toward Drogba and didn’t want the tragedy to take place, a dash of green light suddenly flashed by.

To everyone’s surprise, a handsome and slender blond young man appeared in front of Drogba and blocked the bearded Moon-Class Elite’s way.

“I will take over for Mr. Drogba and fight you this time,” this young man said with a bright smile on his face, and it stole the spotlight from the surroundings and the stars in the sky.

There were hundreds of green dots flying around this blond young man, looking like many green fireflies that were intimate toward him. Even though he didn’t reveal any powerful aura, that abundant and vast life energy around him dispersed into the area, making everyone aware of his power.

“Who is he?” Everyone was wondering.

Since this young man walked out of one of the VIP areas, he couldn’t be from Chambord. However, since he was willing to fight for Chambord, it was clear that he was a friend of the kingdom.

“Is he a friend of Chambord or a secret trump card of Chambord? From the surprised expressions on the Chambordians’ faces, it doesn’t seem like they know him. Also, he is so handsome that it is out of this world!” the guests thought.

Even though there were many handsome young men on the square today such as Gold Saint Torres of Sagittarius, Second Prince Dominguez of Zenit, and King Alexander of Chambord, they were still inferior to this blond young man!

“Who are you? Why are you helping us?” Drogba shivered and asked in confusion.

Torres was surprised as well.

“I’m Akinfeev. I have fought with King Alexander His Majesty once before, and we could be considered as friends. When my friend is in trouble, it is normal for me to stand out.” This blond young man smiled and said in an earnest tone. As soon as he said that, everyone in the area believed him! His voice was that magical!

All the guests looked at him with strange expressions.

“They have fought before? Since they are barely friends, he is still willing to stand out and fight for King Alexander of Chambord? He is now standing against the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] and several powerful empires. He is either very dumb and loyal or very vicious and sly!” people thought.

“Eh? Great! Hahahaha! You are a real friend of Chambord to stand out at a time like this! I’m honored to be able to stand with you!” Drogba laughed heroically but soon shook his head.

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