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Hail the King Chapter 667.2

Chapter 667: Real Warriors (Part Two)

“However, I need to fight this battle!” His tone was filled with determination.

Drogba’s decision surprised everyone.

“Are all Chambordians this crazy?” the guests thought.

“Your body……” Akinfeev frowned.

“Although I’m injured, I can still take care of this ball-less coward with ease! I, Drogba, am one of the best gold saints under our supreme king’s command; how can a dog like him scare me?” Drogba said loudly with power, and it resonated in the sky, even changing the weather a little.

Even though that bearded Moon-Class Elite of Maze had a thick face, he got angry and roared, “Ok! I will grant your wish today! Let me see how an injured trash like you could battle with me!”

Then, he unleashed all his power, creating the noises of ocean waves crashing against each other, and the water elements quickly condensed in the area. Although this man lacked character and virtues, he was a powerful master.

Akinfeev paused for a second but ended up moving away.

Drogba nodded at Akinfeev with a big smile on his face. After that, he turned to that bearded master with a cold grin filled with disdain.

As he walked forward, he staggered with blood flowing out of his wounds continuously. He was basically creating a path of blood as he moved forward.

His condition was worrying. Many people felt like this brave and stubborn warrior of Chambord was going to fall and faint in the next moment, let alone taking on a powerful Moon-Class Elite.

“Too stubborn! Way too stubborn! Although he is fierce and brave, what he is doing now is too risky!”

“If he continues with this, is it any different from seeking his own death?”

“Is the King of Chambord going to let one of his loyal warriors die like this? Is he going to turn a blind eye to this?”

Many guests didn’t want to witness a tragedy, and some of them started to complain about King Alexander. Even though completing the wedding ceremony was important, but how could he let a brave and loyal warrior under his command, who was a Moon-Class Elite, die like this?

“Is this king’s heart made from metal?”

Vicious grins were already showing on Prince Simon of Marse and Prince Sark of Maze’s faces.

“Since you want to die, I will grant your wish! You should be honored that you can die under my ultimate Moon-Class Combat Technique, Death Water Stacking Tsunami! Hahahahaha! Death! Water! Stacking! Tsunami!!!!!!” this bearded Moon-Class Elite of Maze shouted, and his body dashed around like lightning. He left several blue afterimages in the area, and they turned into fast-spinning drill heads once he struck out, forming clusters of deadly hurricanes and tsunamis.

This combat technique was very powerful; it brought along a sense of death. No wonder it was a Moon-Class Combat Technique.

On the other side, Drogba started to shiver, and the orange warrior energy flames on him already dimmed. It seemed like he was so weak that he couldn’t even dodge.

A lot of guests already closed their eyes; they didn’t want to see such a brave warrior die like this. Some of them even gasped.

A vicious grin shined on the face of that bearded Moon-Class Elite.

In an instant, the blue energy dashed toward Drogba and was about to envelop him completely.

At this moment, Drogba who was as weak as faint candlelight in a crazy wind stood tall.

As bright light shone in his eyes, he no longer looked weak. His orange warrior energy flames instantly brightened, and a huge strange-shaped shield suddenly dashed out of his body and appeared in his hands.

“B*stard! Come here!” Drogba laughed like a mad beast and roared, “I will let you know the power of Chambord warriors! I will let you know that cowards like you could never defeat us! Take this! Ultimate strike of Taurus Gold Saint! Gigantic! Long! Horn!!!!!”

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