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Hail the King Chapter 668.1

Chapter 668: Many Dangers (Part One)

As Drogba roared, he picked up this huge shield with one of his arms. He lowered his center of gravity, tiled his body to one side so that his shoulder was pressing on the back of the shield, and dashed forward rapidly. His huge shield, [Holy Collision], was pushed forward like a colossal defense wall, and it took his opponent by surprise.

At that moment, everyone felt like they saw a vague golden image of a huge bull behind Drogba. As that image appeared, it seemed like that golden bull tilted its head forward and targeted its two sharp horns toward the bearded Moon-Class Elite.

As the golden bull charged forward with an indescribable power, the pressure it brought was merciless!


The orange warrior energy flames and blue warrior energy flames quickly passed each other.

The terrifying warrior energy explosion that would occur after a huge collision didn’t appear, and the battleground which was very fancy and full of action suddenly froze.

“Eh…… Puff!!!!! How is this possible? That shield…… it is…… a…… high-level combat weapon!” The bearded Moon-Class Elite of Maze opened his eyes wide. Until his pupils expanded and he died, he couldn’t believe that it was him who lost the battle.

There were many wounds on his body as if many blades cut it, and blood gushed out of these openings on his body and formed blood fountains.

In the end, he couldn’t stand still and collapsed onto the ground. His magic leather armor was completely shattered, and his blue warrior energy flames were extinguished and went away like smoke.

Instant kill!

This powerful Moon-Class Elite was instantly killed by Drogba’s ultimate strike even though he used his ultimate technique as well!

This ending surprised everyone! They felt like they were dreaming or watching a poorly written play! Everything that had happened was too unimaginable!

The actual ending was completely different from people’s anticipations! Even the Goddess of Fate might not have written this into the two warriors’ fates!

As all the guests looked at Drogba who was trembling and about to fall, they couldn’t suppress their shock!

That figure who was covered in blood didn’t look messy and weak at all! Instead, people felt like he was as extraordinary as a huge mountain and was unparalleled.

Of course, some people’s eyes were glued onto Drogba’s huge shield, [Holy Collision].

“That is a combat weapon! It is a unique and powerful weapon! From the power it unleashed during the battle, it is at least a level 5 combat weapon!”

“How can Chambord have a level 5 combat weapon? It doesn’t belong to an affiliated kingdom! Only the legendary forge master could create it…… Could it be that there is a mysterious and unknown forge master at Chambord City?”

“There are a lot of secrets around Chambord! Hahahaha! If our [Dragon Hunt Operation] is successful, the number of treasures we can get will far surpass our most optimistic estimation!”

“Since this master named Drogba has a level 5 combat weapon, does it mean…… the other masters of Chambord also have combat weapons?”

After thinking about that, those masters who had malicious intents began to breathe heavily.

They all knew the importance of having a combat weapon! Even the powerful Moon-Class Elites didn’t have combat weapons most of the time. This was demonstrated in the battle between Drogba and that bearded Moon-Class Elite of Maze. Without a combat weapon, that bearded Moon-Class Elite was instantly killed by Drogba who was already severely injured beforehand! The key was that the warrior of Chambord had a combat weapon!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

After a short moment of silence, changes occurred.

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