Chapter 668: Many Dangers (Part Two)

People started to dash forward from the VIP areas. Dozens of figures rushed toward Drogba who was even more injured, and they had the same idea on their minds; they wanted to rob this combat weapon, [Holy Collision], from this warrior of Chambord when he was the weakest.



“F*ck off!”

“Do you want to die?”

A series of angry shouts sounded from the seating area of Chambord, and various colored warrior energy flames shone like fireworks in the sky. The well-prepared masters of Chambord dashed out even faster and tried to stop the people who wanted to steal the [Holy Collision].

Among the masters of Chambord, one burly figure with silver lightning around him was the most eye-catching.

In an instant, he struck out three times, turning three enemies into clouds of blood mists. Then, he quickly landed beside Drogba, grabbed the latter by the shoulder, and brought him back to the seating area of Chambord.

Gold Saint Lampard of Leo! The man who was only weaker than King Alexander in the Chambord Kingdom.

As if he were a tiger in a herd of sheep, he quickly saved Drogba who was severely injured and took back the level 5 combat weapon, [Holy Collision].

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The masters started to fight on the square, and the warrior energy surges and magic energy surges collided, making a ton of noises and sending out a ton of residual energies.

After a short while, both parties sensed the power of each other.

Especially since Lampard revealed his mighty strength, he deterred a group of malicious masters.

Both parties slowly backed off carefully, and about 30 people who were fighting clearly separated into two groups.

From the number of masters, Chambord was in a clear disadvantage.

Lampard, Torres, Oleg, and Akinfeev…… So far, there were only four Moon-Class Elites on the side of Chambord who still had combat abilities.

Standing on the other side, there were about 24 masters. Except for a few prestigious princes, the rest were all Moon-Class Elites of various empires. None of them showed their real identity before, but they all unleashed their power now. Their bright warrior energy flames shone, and their auras dispersed into the area like powerful ocean waves. The collective auras of these masters made it a little suffocating for everyone else who was weaker.

“Hehehe, four against 24! The difference in strength is huge! The Chambordians are dead for sure!”

“Six empires, seven noble families, two mercenary groups…… Hahaha! Even though the Chambord Kingdom is much more powerful than we anticipated, the ending would be the same! No one can stand in the way of our [Dragon Hunt Alliance]! Chambord City is going to be washed by blood tonight!”

“Hand over all your combat weapons! King of Chambord, destroy your own cultivation strength and power! Then, all the Moon-Class Elites, you need to swear loyalty to us! If you do all this, we won’t slaughter all the citizens of Chambord. Otherwise…… Hehehehehe, none of the lives of Chambord shall be spared!

“All the guests! Tonight, it is only about Chambord, and you guys aren’t affected! Just sit still and watch the show! Otherwise, you will be killed as well!”

With an absolute advantage, the members of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] all laughed viciously and revealed who they were.

Except for the Marse Empire, the Maze Empire, and the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], there was the Lance Empire, the Lear Empire, the Rain Empire, the Tulu Empire……

All the envoy groups from the big empires had Moon-Class Elites hidden in them, and they tore off their disguises and put away their fake smiles, revealing their vicious fangs!

It was a group of devastating force! It was unstoppable!

Six empires, seven noble families, two mercenary groups…… A total of 24 Moon-Class Elites! If they wanted to, they could wipe out 99% of the empires in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit!

“Poor Chambordians! Although you showed surprising strength, tonight is not your night! In front of absolute power, you guys are doomed!” [War Pirate] Mellberg finally relaxed. The power of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] was revealed, and he didn’t need to fight alone! The scale of victory was heavily tilting toward them.

“Kneel and beg for mercy! Surrender and hand out your treasures! Also, give us the blueprint for that battle seal! This is your only option!” Prince Simon of Marse laughed arrogantly.

“Humph! If you dare to resist, we will kill all the citizens of Chambord, no matter male or female, young or old!” Prince Sark of Maze added murderously.

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