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Hail the King Chapter 669.1

Chapter 669: Give You an Opportunity (Part One)

The absolute advantage allowed the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] to gain complete control over the situation. The power of more than 20 Moon-Class Elites was dominating, and it was enough to crush any opposition.

“Why are we wasting time with these low-lives? Let’s all attack! After killing all the members of Chambord and taking over, all the treasures here will be ours!” [War Pirate] Mellberg said murderously. After losing two experienced Moon-Class Elites on his side, he hated Chambord to an extreme. He couldn’t wait to take down the King of Chambord and wipe out this kingdom.

“Hahahaha! Yeah, I agree! Let’s all attack together, and no one can stop us!”

The 24 Moon-Class Elites released their auras, and the enormous amount of pressure pressed toward the seating area of Chambord.

As the tsunami-like energy surges blew by, those 100 bylaw enforcement officers who were standing in front of the seating area were blown into the air like straws in a storm, and they couldn’t even stand still after they were thrown into the seating area.

Lampard, Torres, Oleg, and Akinfeev stood still with their warrior energy flames burning brightly, but it was still not enough to rival with the forces on the other side.

The numbers disadvantage they had was way too difficult to overcome.

At this moment, only that white-haired elderly priest who was sitting in the seating area of the Holy Church, as well as the few Moon-Class Holy Knights behind him, were smiling confidently.

The situation was tilting to an extreme degree! The boat known as Chambord was about to go down at any second now!

If Chambord didn’t have any more trump cards or helpers, it couldn’t escape from its fate of being exterminated.

At this critical moment, all the Chambordians who were either inside or outside the square held each other’s hands, sensed the heartbeats of their peers, and didn’t get scared. In front of the danger, none of them chose to escape. Instead, they straightened their backs, opened their eyes wide, and sang with their loudest voice.

“There is a wide river that has big waves…… Chambordians live to the north of the river and listen to the rumble of Zuli…… This is a great land, and our homes are open to all friends. But if wolves come by, they will be received by spears and arrows!”

An indescribable heroic yet tragic sensation appeared, and it permeated the tense atmosphere.

The Chambordians would never surrender! Even if the ending were death, none of them was going to yield!

The reason they were so brave was that they all had trust in their king! In their minds, their king was invincible!

This scene stunned the 24 Moon-Class Elites on the side of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance]. At the moment, the people who they thought were low-lives demonstrated a level of courage that they didn’t even possess! In fact, these Moon-Class Elites sensed a little ominous feeling! It was too rare!

“Go! Kill them all! Let’s see how they can sing when they are dead!”

A Moon-Class Elite who had his face veiled up couldn’t bear this atmosphere anymore. He roared and dashed toward the Moon-Class Elites of Chambord such as Lampard. As if his action suddenly triggered a stick of dynamite, three more Moon-Class Elites who were dressed in the same way also roared and dashed forward.

The battle began!

The upcoming battle was going to be bloody, and only one side could survive it!

Lightning energy flashed and cracked on Lampard, Torres pulled the bowstring, Oleg swung the huge hammer with its chains around his arm, and Akinfeev opened his palm, revealing a strong green bow that looked like a tree branch which just got cut off from a tree since it still had tree leaves with drops of dew on it!

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    As the author likes to say there will be “blood mist” and “meat paste” once Chambord is done with them

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