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Hail the King Chapter 669.2

Chapter 669: Give You an Opportunity (Part Two)

Battle! Battle! Battle! Battle! Battle! Battle! Battle! Battle! Battle!!!!!!!!

At this moment, almost everyone was roaring in their minds! They all unleashed their power and got to their peak states!

However, something these Moon-Class Elites in the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] didn’t anticipate occurred.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four golden sword energies suddenly dashed from the nine-leveled, white stone platform that wasn’t too far away. As if they were lights from gods, the brightness of the sword energies was eye-piercing, almost blinding everyone in the region. They looked magnificent and were like the condemnations of the gods.

As they torn through the sky, they entered the zone where battles were about to break out.


“Eh…… Puff!!”

“No!!! Save me!!”


Terrifying screams sounded in an instant, and they were so high-pitched that it almost broke people’s eardrums. At the same time, these Moon-Class Elites were shocked.

In the next moment, several bloodflowers blossomed in the sky, beautiful and deadly. For a moment, flesh, chipped bones, shattered armors, broken weapons……

The four veiled Moon-Class Elites who were charging forward screamed as if they were demon beasts that were pieced by powerful magic arrows. As their screams resonated in the sky, their bodies blew up and stained the area.



“Way too powerful! Who is it? How powerful is this person?”

“Damn it! It is the King of Chambord! The king attacked!!!!!”

The Moon-Class Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Operation] were all scared, and they couldn’t help but feel depressed. As they sensed the power within those four golden sword energies, they felt defeated; none of them was able to fight against it! All their greedy and wicked thoughts disappeared in an instant.

They dashed forward fast but backed off even faster!

The Moon-Class Elites who were yelling arrogantly were now screaming and backing off with pale faces.

They all could tell how much power was contained within each of those golden sword energies. Those veiled Moon-Class Elites all had the power of level 9 top-tier New Moon, and they were only one step away from Half Moon! However, they couldn’t defend against those terrifying golden sword energies for one bit!

It was one-sided domination!

“This is too much!” they thought.

“Hahaha, idiots! Ridiculous! Do you really think that my Chambord can be damaged by a bunch of cowards like you who are hiding everywhere?” a cold voice sounded from the ninth level on that tall white stone platform in the northern area on the square.

Even though this voice didn’t sound vicious, it was magnificent and supreme! Anyone who heard it would feel like kneeling and worshipping him!

The King of Chambord!

King Alexander of Chambord!

All the guests looked up and saw that this legendary young king finally stepped onto the top level of the platform that had nine levels and 36 steps.

In his sky-blue robe, the King of Chambord stood there firmly with his long black hair fluttering in the wind. His two queens were standing beside him, glancing at the people on the square and in the area from above.

In fact, the expression on the king’s face was calm; it seemed like the 24 Moon-Class Elites were nothing in his eyes! It looked like he was staring at 24 kids who were misbehaving!

His attitude completely disregarded these masters!

However, even in this situation, none of the Moon-Class Elites on the side of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] even dared to stare back at the King of Chambord. They felt like an ancient beast traveled through time and was staring at them, and they were so afraid that they were shivering a little.

Even the vicious [War Pirate] Mellberg looked away subconsciously at this moment.

All the Chambordians on and outside the square were also shivering, but they were shaking in excitement.

This was their king!

Their invincible king!

“[War Pirate] Mellberg! Didn’t you say that you want to talk to me? I will give you the opportunity! Come on and tell me your reasons for interrupting my wedding! Let’s see if it is enough to justify your bad behavior!” Fei stared at this group leader of Wind Horse tightly and said in a calm tone.

He seemed so calm that it was truly terrifying!

[TL Notes: Hey guys, just saw a comment about Fei’s other six characters, so I feel like it is better for me to explain it here. I think Fei is trying to level up his barbarian character the most since it is the most powerful. Since there is a lot of pressure, he wants to get as strong as possible. The other characters can bring him a lot more utilities, but his peak strength might not improve that much. Of course, we don’t know if there are rewards if all his characters pass Nightmare Mode. Maybe Fei will be leveling other characters once he hits a threshold, but I’m not too sure as well. Although I read this book at least three times, I don’t remember the exact details from later on.]

P.S. A big shout out to Juan F., Raja A.P., Remi M., Natalie C., Michael C., Dwelton H., Yayeet, Mathieu W., Kellen H., Kellen H., ConspiracyPizza, Robert, IMMO971, Xin C., Michael, Alex A., Pedro M., David L., Ivan ER, Alex A., Alex A. Thanks for the support on Patreon!

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