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Hail the King Chapter 67

Chapter 67: The Tale of the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon

Fei held onto the Barbarian’s axe with both of his hands tightly. He took a deep breath of the air that was filled with the smell of thick blood and adjusted himself into his optimal state. After his physical and mental strength both reached their peak, Fei kicked his right foot and blew open the thick wooden door…..

In the mess of shattered wood chips, the bloody evil nest of the final boss – Andariel had finally lifted its mysterious veil to Fei.

In the endless howls, numerous 【Dark Ones】, 【Rat Men】, 【Ghouls】 and other monsters flooded them.

At the same time, a huge and unimaginable pressure pressed onto them as if it was tangible. Under the terrifying pressure, even the air had thickened. Fei and Elena’s movements were slowed down as if they were in a pool of water. The power of evil was way beyond their imagination.

“Die! Damn intruders!”

A huge roar shook the whole chamber; countless stone statues shattered, the ground cracked and fire started burning on the floor as if it was the call from the deepest part of hell.

Next, a four or five yard (m) tall demon figure appeared in front of them.

It was a partially demonic female giant. She had a stunningly beautiful face; anything pretty would be overshadowed in front of this face. Her face was definitely favoured by the Creation God…… However, aside from this face which had the beauty Andariel’s elegance, everything else on her body was completely demonized. To become stronger, Andariel had taken in the power from hell. Her beautiful hands had become hideous demons claws, and four huge, snakehead-like limbs extended from her back as if she was Dr. Octopus in Spiderman. An unspeakable horror diffused from her body; the unimaginable pressure was being emitted from her.

“Roar – !”

Fei suddenly shouted and Barbarian Warcry – 【Howl】 was initiated.

A magical force spread out and scared away all the low leveled demons and monsters who were following Andariel. Unfortunately, the skill wasn’t effective at all on super boss Andariel. She didn’t felt any fear, and instead lowered her head and roared. Six stinky green frightening clouds emerged from her body.

“Elena, stand far away. Don’t touch them; they are deadly poisons.”

Fei shouted loudly. He took out a bottle of 【Normal Healing Potion】 and bit onto it with his teeth. Then, he charged into the green clouds and approached Andariel instantly. The huge axe in his hands turned into flashes of white light and struck at Andariel.

“AoAoAo – !!”

The female demon felt pain; she roared as she counterattacked crazily.

Fei was already poisoned by the deadly toxin, and very hair on his body had turned green. The Barbarian axe was covered with a thick green juice. Fei was hammered a couple times by the female demon’s counterattacks; he spurted a lot of blood from his mouth, and his health bar was dropping rapidly like a leaking air balloon.

He had to turn around and dodge the attacks. He ran away quickly and gained some distance from Andariel, then opened another bottle of 【Normal Healing Potion】 and chugged it down.

Andariel chased Fei closely. Cloud after cloud of deadly poison mists flew towards Fei and embedded him in it.

At this moment –

“Beng! Beng! Beng! Beng!”

The bowstring that could shatter souls shook the air; 【Boreal Razor Bow】’s golden bowstring left a series of phantom images. A series of frosty blue sharp arrows were shot into Andariel’s body instantly like rain drops in a storm and plundered the female demon’s life.

“Valkyrie” Elena immediately pulled the bowstring and magic power surged madly in her body. She stared at Andariel coldly and attacked after she saw that Fei was in danger.

The level of this aggressive attack had attracted the female demon Andariel’s attention.

She roared in anger as she turned around and walked towards Elena.

“Maintain the distance…… Don’t let her get closer than 30 yards (m)!” Fei shouted as he drank another bottle of 【Normal Healing Potion】. He turned around and chased Andariel as he struck her back with his axe continuously. The female boss’ aggro was finally returned onto him.

Using this method, Fei and Elena tried to alternate between being Andariel’s target; they were both in an extremely dangerous situation.

But on the other hand, Andariel’s health bar was dropping little by little……

Finally, after about half an hour, what Fei was waiting for had occurred – Alongside a loud, painful and unwilling scream, the scariest female demon had fallen into a pool of her own blood. Fei glimpsed a tear rolling off of Andariel’s elegant and beautiful face at the same moment the demonic woman fell down. A sense of relief and fascination filled her pretty eyes, which could make any god go crazy over, as if she was saying farewell to her loved one from far away……

That expression quickly left her face; Fei even thought that he had seen a hallucination.

Then, Andariel’s body started burning. Flames covered her angelic face and hideous demonic body; soon, the body was turned into ashes. Her lower level monster and demon followers wailed and fell to the ground as they were also burned in the crazy fire.

Soon, not a single monster or demons was left in the whole fifth underground level.

Fei was still thinking about the astonishing scene, but a white beam of light fell from the sky and surrounded him……
“Haha, I leveled up again!!”

Fei was excited. He opened up his character status panel; his Barbarian character was already level 16 after these aggressive battles – he had leveled up 4 times in the last 4 hours, which wasn’t bad.

After finishing distributing all the attribute and skill points, Fei’s attention was quickly attracted by the golden lights on the ground. Andariel had dropped four gold rare items continuously. Fei was stoked as he walked up and picked them up. There was a mighty sphinx shield, a pair of exquisite heavy chain boots, a simple traditional steel helmet that had ancient engravings and a three layered yellow leather belt.

“Eh? Ahahahahah, no wonder I didn’t get anything good from 【Countess】 and 【The Smith】, it seems like all the items were accumulated at the final boss Andariel……I’m the luckiest! All four items are what my barbarian needs the most. Hahahaha!”

Fei was so happy that his teeth almost fell off.

Although all four items weren’t identified, Fei could tell that they were quality stuff by just looking at them. After Fei stood there and laughed for a while, he went around and packed all the blue magic items and gold coins that the monsters and demons dropped.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Fei used a 【Town Portal Scroll】 and returned to 【Rogue Encampment】 with Elena.

Fei wasn’t sure if it was an illusion, but as soon as he stepped back to the camp, he felt something was not the same.

Sure enough, waves of cheers sounded by his ears.

“Andariel is dead…….I’m not dreaming, am I?……That damn demon is really dead!!”

“It’s that brave Barbarian warrior, he’s really killed Andariel……This is unbelievable!”

“Light has finally been restored to the Rogue Continent……We’re saved!”

“God bless. Andariel is dead, and the road to the east has been re-opened! We can go to

Lut Gholein now……”

Fei was stunned. He turned around and found out that the hot mercenary was tearing in joy. Elena stared at Fei with admiration and worship, and shook as she said, “Mister Fei, you’ve executed the nightmare of 【Rogue Encampment】- Andariel. You shall become the Legendary Warrior of 【Rogue Encampment】. According to the Blood Oath of Covenant from the ancestors of the camp 60 years ago, you shall become the supreme leader of 【Rogue Encampment】 and lead everyone in the camp. Also, you can acquire three legendary miraculous skills from the Great God!”

As Elena spoke, more and more people crowded together; the greedy priestess Akara, military leader Kashya, blacksmith Charsi, “obscene” old man Cain, gambler Gheed, and many more young and pretty female rogues…… Everyone walked to Fei’s side and sung an ancient, mysterious song as they knelt down onto the ground excitedly and solemnly.

Fei’s mouth was wide open.

“This is weird. I don’t recall any scene in the game about this.” He was very surprised. He was about to ask about the “Blood Oath of Covenant from the camp’s ancestors” and the “legendary skills from the God”, as they gave Fei a huge shock, but at this moment –

“Maximum gaming time is about to be reached……Entering ten second count down……”

The uninvited cold and mysterious voice suddenly appeared in Fei’s head again.

Fei was surprised, but he knew that there wasn’t time for him to ask any questions. He quickly converted a couple items that he wanted into the real world. Unfortunately, 【Town Portal Scroll】 was still not able to be converted due to the level restriction; except for that, Fei had successfully converted a couple bottles of 【Stamina Potions】, 【Normal Healing Potions】 and 【Mana Potions】……

The zero gravity sensation came again and Fei blacked out.

Everything disappeared.


When he opened his eyes again, he was already back in the real world.

The sun was on the west side of the sky, and lunch time had already passed by. Fei had no idea there Angela and Emma went. Fei asked a maid to bring him some random food to fill his stomach, then went to Chambord’s Iron Prison-Water Dungeon with his personal guard Fernando-Torres under Brook’s lead. He was ready to execute his orders from earlier this morning and revamp the whole prison.

The Iron Prison-Water Dungeon was where the past kings of Chambord imprisoned and interrogated prisoners. The place was heavily guarded and was located in a remote area. The three of them walked along the wide stone road that led to the mountains at the back of Chambord. They finally arrived after about twenty minutes.

Two thirty yard (m) tall stone warrior statues were standing in front of the gate of the prison. It gave off an oppressive feeling, and the statues looked prestigious. Behind the statues, there was a mile (1 km) long stairway that was layered in white stones; it followed the gently sloped terrain and rose up the mountain. It led to a medium sized square, which held a black bunker style building at the very middle. This was the Iron Prison – Water Dungeon.

This black prison had imprisoned numerous offenders, and many nobles, royalty, heroes, and military officers had died in this place. Numerous civilians and criminals that turned into white bones were here as well. It could be said that this was the scariest place in Chambord. In many tales, when someone was imprisoned in the Iron Prison-Water Dungeon, almost they would almost certainly never walk out alive. Even if it was a hot summer day, no one wanted to approach this bloody, gloomy and bone-chilling “Tomb of Lives”. What surprised Fei and Brook was that when they arrived at the square, it was filled and crowded with people……

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