Chapter 670: The Fall of an Infamous Warrior (Part One)

“I……” Faced with the King of Chambord’s question, Mellberg somehow felt a little weak.

Right now, the power of the King of Chambord updated in his mind, and it was far beyond his most pessimistic estimate. From the power contained in those four golden sword energies, he knew that this young man was at least a peak Full Moon Elite and very close to the realm of Sun-Class.

It was clear to Mellberg that he couldn’t rival with the King of Chambord! If he forced it, he would die for sure!

However, since the current situation was already in this state, he couldn’t pull back! After all, an arrow that was shot out couldn’t be pulled back.

After he turned around and looked at the few figures who were sitting in their seats further away, he suddenly got some confidence and said, “Last night, 150 elite mercenaries of our [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] died and disappeared! There is enough evidence to prove that your people killed my brothers! Alexander, what excuses do you have for this? How can you compensate us?”

“Compensate?” As if he heard the funniest joke in the world, Fei sneered and replied, “Too bad that you wasted this opportunity. Why do I need to compensate you for anything? Since more than 100 mercenaries sneaked into my Chambord City without people knowing, I’m sure you know why they are here. Since they have malicious intent, they deserve to die! I haven’t gotten the chance to question you, but you dare to bring up this topic first?”

“Impossible! All my brothers in the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] are honorable mercenaries, and they couldn’t have bad intent! Even if they are doing something wrong, only I can punish them. I was right here in the city last night! Before your men killed my brothers, have you thought about informing me, the group leader?” Mellberg turned the whole thing around with a few words and questioned Fei with a cold grin on his face.

“Hahahahah! Inform you? Who do you think you are?” Fei laughed.

In the next moment, Fei suddenly stopped laughing and stared at Mellberg with a pitiful and mocking smile.

“It looks like the arrogant and reckless behaviors these years made the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] forget how much power it has. You are right; your mercenaries were killed by my warriors one by one. There is no argument here, and I won’t deny it. However, Mr. Mellberg, your nickname is [War Pirate]; do you really have no idea about why those 150 elite mercenaries of yours are here at Chambord City? Aren’t you the person who selected them and told them to hide here? You already planned to sacrifice them, but you now are trying to act all virtuous… this is unexpected. Before, I thought that even though you are arrogant, you still have balls. From the look of it, your performance is truly disappointing. Come on! If you want to avenge for your mercenaries, come at me! Let me see if your [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] is powerful enough to do that!” Fei sneered as he said that.

“You……” Fei’s words successfully provoked Mellberg, and this group leader was furious!

When he was trying to question Fei, he was being a little careful and even lied, which wasn’t his style of doing things! He was the [War Pirate] and only liked to be upfront and overbearing.

From the beginning, Fei took control of the tempo and forced Mellberg out of his comfort zone. Therefore, Mellberg felt strange and weak, and it was infuriating for him.

He turned around and looked at the other two Moon-Class Elites behind him. “Let’s move together and kill the King of Chambord!”

Before he finished whispering, Mellberg, Isaac, and that metal-elemental Moon-Class Elite who got pushed away by the magic array formation dashed forward at the same time and attacked!

For all these years, Mellberg was able to act recklessly in this region. On top of having many masters in [Wind Horse Mercenary Group], Mellberg was a powerful warrior as well. He was at peak Half Moon many years ago.

As he instantly unleashed his warrior energy flames and his aura, Fei could tell that he was about level 8 or level 9 top-tier Full Moon!

Behind him, both Isaac and that metal-elemental warrior were experienced Moon-Class Elites, and they had crawled out of corpse piles many times in their lifetime.

The three of them had battled against powerful masters frequently, and they coordinated very well; it seemed like they were using a kind of mysterious battle seal. Their powers were able to be stack up perfectly! Like waves in the ocean, they gave momentum to each other and grew into a tsunami.

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