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Hail the King Chapter 670.2

Chapter 670: The Fall of an Infamous Warrior (Part Two)

The terrifying sensation enveloped more than half of the square, and their strikes flew at Fei who was standing on the top of the high platform in the north speedily.

Their combined strike was terrifying! On damage alone, it was comparable to the full-on strike of a peak Moon-Class Elite who was only one step away from Sun-Class.

Everyone held onto their breaths and paid attention to this battle; it was a critical moment.

Although the king demonstrated shocking power, it might be hard for him to take on this combined strike of three Moon-Class Elites! If these three people were able to distract the King of Chambord and buy time, then the rest of Chambord wouldn’t be able to pose a threat…

The masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] were warming up again, and they couldn’t wait to attack.

However, things didn’t go as planned.

“Is this the power of Wind Horse? Unfortunately, it is far from enough!”

Standing on the nine-leveled platform in the north, Fei lightly shook his head and raised his hand.

A huge golden hand appeared in the sky. This hand was so vivid that each finger, hair, pore, and strand of muscle was clearly depicted. In fact, people felt like they could even see the blood vessels underneath the skin! It looked like the hand of a god, and an indescribable majestic sensation enveloped everything.

As Fei clenched his fist, this huge golden hand that was made from energy also closed. It was so fast that it left a series of afterimages in the air, making the process look slow. From afar, it seemed like a golden lotus was slowly closing, creating an intoxicating image.

The hand turned into a fist.

“Invincible Emperor Fist!”

Fei moved his hand, and a golden fist that was about half a meter in each dimension flew out and dashed forward.

All of this took place in a second.

Except for the moving fist, nothing else was happening. There was no terrifying pressure and wave-like energy fluctuations.

In comparison, it seemed like the energy fist Fei cast was a little butterfly in the face of a terrifying dragon created by the other three Moon-Class Elites. This huge visual contrast made people feel like there was no way that the King of Chambord’s strike could block the combined strike of the other three.

However, reality would confound their expectations

When the two energies collided, everything went against predictions. Like a hot knife that was cutting into butter, Fei’s golden fist easily destroyed the combined strike of the three Moon-Class Elites who performed their techniques in a unique way.


Angry roars!

Puking blood!

Flying back!

As the golden fist’s power was unveiled, the energy surges and waves created by the combined strike disappeared at a visible speed! It felt like it was a drop of liquid on a hot stove!

Bam! Bam!

As soon as Isaac, who acted as the advisor of Wind Horse, and that metal-elemental Moon-Class Elite landed on the ground, their bodies exploded as desperate expressions appeared on their faces, staining the square.

Mellberg wasn’t in a better situation. His body was covered in wounds and blood. Also, his skin bulged as if there were a monster running around under his skin.

Right now, he was regretting all his decisions.

He now knew that he shouldn’t have agreed to this plan even though he was promised a lot of treasures. This trip to Chambord which he once thought was riskless buried all the top-tier masters of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group].

Also, to his surprise, that person who schemed everything just sat there and watched without having the intention of helping.

“You…… don’t get so happy! I…… The real overlord of the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group]… Will wipe out your little Chambord City! You will be killed…… AH!”

After saying this last sentence, Mellberg couldn’t suppress that terrifying energy in his body, and he quickly enlarged like a balloon that was being blown.


Just like his two subordinates, his body exploded, and his flesh and chipped bones fell from the sky.

An infamous warrior fell!

The [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] was destroyed and broken!

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  1. SaDDisT

    The only thing I hate about this is that, after Fei got quite strong, all the enemies death description is Pop, Turn into bloodmist, Exploded, etc. It sucks in my opinion.

  2. showgunite

    Thanks for the read!

  3. I feel sorry for the Chambordians who have to clean that up later. Blood mist doesn’t just wash out.

  4. Hurrah Chambord!

  5. Ejaz Ahmed

    ah i forgot to mention it in my previous Chinese novel rules.

    6. every villain when die he will have a big brother uncle father etc etc will come for his revenge.

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