Chapter 671: Can I Kill Him? (Part One)


Absolute silence!


Retreat in fear!

The Moon-Class Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] who were standing on the square right now could only be silent and retreat!

They thought they were in control of everything, but they suddenly felt like sheep that were provoking a real grown dragon when the King of Chambord unexpectedly showcased his strength. It was ridiculous!

Their numbers advantage was rendered completely useless in front of such a huge power gap. Even if they charged at the King of Chambord together, they couldn’t do any harm to him. On the contrary, they would be wiped out instead! Mellberg and his two subordinates were the best examples.

Right now, Prince Simon of Marse and Prince Sark of Maze were both terrified! They were shaking as their faces paled.

After thinking back to the words they said when they were provoking Chambord, they realized that they even called the King of Chambord directly by name! It was like kissing the Grim Reaper and playing with fire!

Fei glanced around, and the people whom he looked at all lowered their heads.

The Moon-Class Elites of [Dragon Hunt Alliance] backed off continuously until their backs were against the seating area in the south. Right now, they started to envy the guests who were still sitting down, and they regretted jumping out and expressing their hostility.

“It would be great if I am still sitting on my seat right now!” they fantasized.

“Bark! Bark! Bark!”

Second Prince Dominguez of Zenit lost his composure for the first time, and he accidentally dropped his warm liquor cup into his arms, making Oka, the little disabled dog, bark loudly.

In this strange silence, Oka’s barking was ear-piercing and terrifying.

“……This is a great land, and our homes are open to all friends. But if wolves come by, they will be received by spears and arrows!”

The singing of Chambordians was still resonating in the guests’ ears, and they finally understood how accurately the song depicted the attitude of Chambord.

“It looks like the so-called [Dragon Hunt Alliance] is just a big joke!” Fei shook his head and said to himself.

Even though the enemies who were facing him were Moon-Class Elites, their courage and will were both much weaker compared with the bylaw enforcement officers and saint seiyas. It looked like the comfortable and luxurious living conditions corrupted them, and their monotonous academy-style training made them mentally weak.

Even though the King of Chambord’s words were full of mockery, none of the Moon-Class Elites dared to refute them. In fact, none of them even dared to look up and express their anger and displeasure.

The drastic difference in strength started to demolish the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] slowly but surely.

Some of them were even starting to consider surrendering right now so that they could save their lives.

However, at this moment –

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!!!

Suddenly, a series of crisp claps sounded abruptly, and it was extremely casual and ear-piercing.

Everyone was surprised, and they looked in the direction of the noise.

A mid-aged man in white stood up from the seating area to the west.

He wasn’t tall and muscular, but there was a mocking smile on his ordinary face.

As he clapped his hands, he slowly strode to the center of the square from where he was, and he laughed, “Great! This is great! King Alexander of Chambord, you sure didn’t disappoint me! Peak Full Moon! One foot into Sun-Class! You are so young, yet you have achieved this level of strength. You are a genius for sure! Great! Little king, you should be honored! Your strength is worthy enough of my appearance!”

Such arrogant words!

Everyone was shocked by what they heard.

There were only two possible reasons to explain this mid-aged man’s behavior: either he was an idiot, or he was indeed a great master!

The answer would be revealed soon.

A vast amount of energy started to appear on this man’s body, and fresh-green wood-elemental warrior energy flames shone brightly on him. As this energy full of life dispersed into the area, all the plants started growing! Soon, the grasses that were seeded below the square grew out of the slits between tiles, and the square was slowly turning into a grassland! It was very lively under the empowerment of wood-elemental energy!

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