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Hail the King Chapter 672.1

Chapter 672: Being Disliked by the Valkyrie (Part One)

As soon as the three arrows were shot out, many people felt like laughing.

“Queen of Chambord, how come you are so casual? Are you trying to shoot a bird?” they thought, “You are facing a peak Full Moon Elite who is very close to advancing into Sun-Class, and he has a level 8 combat weapon! What is going on? Your casual attack is ridiculous! It is like trying to slap a huge dragon in the sky using a spatula!”

Even white-robed Brando felt like laughing. His wood-elemental warrior energy was being used to the peak, and loud booming and rumbling noises sounded from within his body like the sound of a fast-current river.

His entire body was enveloped by the fresh-green warrior energy flames, no longer visible to others, and his silver level 8 combat weapon shone brightly as he struck down with it.

“Die!” Brando shouted angrily as he attacked without mercy.

In his mind, this was a killing move! There was no way that his opponents could dodge or defend against it!

However, just as he laughed confidently and struck down with his sword, he suddenly felt like a terrifying beast was targeting him! An ominous sensation enveloped him abruptly without any signs, and it shocked him! Ever since he became a peak Full Moon Elite and got so close to Sun-Class, he had never sensed this chilling and scary feeling! All the hair on his body stood up!

“This…… What is going on?….. Eh…… AH!”

Brando’s face changed color. Before he could react, both his throat and his chest feel streaks of cold energies.

In the next moment, all his power rushed out of his body like water in a flood, and unprecedented tiredness overtook him. He couldn’t even stand still in the air, and his body swayed on a vine before falling. He felt like the level 8 combat weapon in his hand was getting heavier and heavier, and he almost couldn’t grasp it.

The bright fresh-green warrior energy flames instantly evaporated like vapor, immediately disappearing from the area.

Next, the newly-grown grasses, as well as the thick vines, withered quickly at a visible speed. Then, they dried up in an instant before getting blown into tiny yellow dust particles and disappearing into the air.

The forest-like square soon turned back to its original appearance, and the blood stains, as well as the corpses of the masters, reappeared.

“You…… You…..” Brando instantly fell to the ground, and his body shivered and staggered, unable to stand still.

This master of the Leon Empire no longer looked dashing and cool after he fell from those thick green vines. He slowly lowered his head and realized that there were now three small holes on his body. There was a small hole in his throat and two other holes on his chest where his nipples were.

It was clear that the arrows pierced his body, and mystic energies were left in his body. Currently, ice continued to form around his wounds and built thick blue ice walls. All his blood was being frozen inside his body.

Now, Brando finally realized something.

“This beautiful queen beside the King of Chambord is actually a mighty master! Three arrows from her easily defeated me when I have my level 8 combat weapon. I didn’t even know when my body was pierced through…… This…… I overestimated myself, and I couldn’t blame this on anyone else!” he thought.

Almost in an instant, the icy energy quickly spread through his entire body and turned him into a vivid ice sculpture.

Three icy arrows took away the life of a peak Full Moon Elite who was almost a Sun-Class Lord!

This shocking change dumbfounded everyone on the square!

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