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Hail the King Chapter 674.1

Chapter 674: Real Sun-Class Lords! (Part One)

Even though Bishop Senxi was rude and upfront, the King of Chambord didn’t get angry like how everyone expected. In fact, his face didn’t even pale. After hearing what Senxi said, he lightly stretched his back and looked at Senxi with a strange smile as well.

“Priest Balesi? Oh, I remember this name, and I do remember him saying such a thing in front of me. Unfortunately, I heard that he died not too long after. It is rumored that he died tragically, and his heart was even destroyed by an evil undead mage. Oh, on that note, did the Holy Church successfully capture this evil undead mage?” Fei asked.

Everyone was stunned by what the King of Chambord said, and they didn’t know why he said that.

However, only Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand’s face changed color.

Light dashed out of his old yet sharp eyes, and he stared at Fei viciously as if he wanted to eat up this king. Out of everyone here, only he knew how Balesi died. He heard that Balesi was killed while he was on a mission, and the people who died in that mission were more than just Balesi. Therefore, he understood that sharp and cold murderous intent in Fei’s words.

“Are you threatening me?” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand’s pupil lightly contracted. Since Fei was threatening him and overlooking his high status, Senxi got defensive and looked like a poisonous snake that was about to attack.

“Hmmm, Mr. Senxi, your reaction is just…… I don’t understand what you mean……”

Of course, Fei wouldn’t admit to anything publicly. Therefore, he shrugged, opened his palms, and showed a strange smile.

“Humph! It is better that you don’t.”

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand shook his head and didn’t want to waste too much time on the issue with Balesi. The Execution Department of the Holy Church was already on this issue, and he was confident that the real killer couldn’t get away.

After a short pause, he said in all seriousness, “Alright, Alexander. I have already been generous to you. I didn’t do anything before and allowed you and Angela to get on the high platform. You two are now already husband and wife in name; treat it as my gift for your wedding. This should be enough for you, and I don’t want to give any more explanation. Prepare a magic carriage and let Saintess Angela get changed into the robe of the Holy Church before leaving here with me!”

“Hahahaha, damn! You sure are a nice person! Should I thank you for your generosity?” Still with that strange smile on his face, Fei zapped his mouth and mocked with cold glares, “However, I’m afraid that I couldn’t agree with Mr. Senxi’s request. In addition, even if Bishop Platini came here today, he couldn’t take Angela away from Chambord City.”

“What?” Senxi didn’t react in time, and he was slightly stunned.

In the next moment, he understood what Fei meant, and his calm expression changed. Just like other people on the square, he couldn’t hide his shock on his face. He rubbed his ears subconsciously and thought he heard it wrong. After a few seconds, he asked, “What did you say? King of Chambord, if I’m getting this correctly, you are refusing and not complying with Bishop Platini’s order? Do you even know what you are doing?”

“Of course I know what I’m doing. However, Mr. Senxi, I’m afraid that you have no clue about what you are doing!” Fei’s voice turned cold, and his stare was as sharp as a knife. It was clear that he was on the verge of venting out his anger.

Angela was the king’s ‘reverse scale,’ and Senxi’s virtuous appearance but shameless intent enraged the king even more.

Senxi was stunned again.

This was the first time that he has been stunned multiple times in a row since he became the bishop of the Red-Sand Shrine.

Then, this white-haired priest understood the current situation, and Fei’s reaction instantly enraged him as well.

“Arrogance! You are only a little king of a tiny kingdom! You did pick up some momentum, but don’t think that the little Chambord Kingdom can rival with the Holy Church! In my eyes, your little kingdom, as well as your strength, is nothing! You are ignorant! I can easily wipe out everything you have with my pinky finger!”

Senxi looked prestigious and kind with his white hair, but he appeared terrifying in anger since his face was all twisted.

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  1. Draghnof

    Strange, if the information is concealed then I can understand that normal people wouldn’t know that Fei is the new bishop of the Black Cloth shrine. But the Church should know (the Black Cloth shrine changed his headquarter and officially took Fei as their god’s favored child)

  2. Ty. I think only the higerups know. Or they are probly testing him by sending someone who doesnt know.

  3. earthshaker34

    strange? they dared to assassinate the pope, god’s favourite child and the bishops of the black-cloth shrine without minding the consequences… they can just say ‘we didn’t know’ or ‘you are lying’ and if jessie from the shrine shows up they will just say ‘you are conspiring against the church with King alexander’ that’s all. they aren’t honourable, why would they care about his title… though i am interested as to where those members that he personally welcomed are.

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