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Hail the King Chapter 674.2

Chapter 674: Real Sun-Class Lords! (Part Two)

“Huh? We only exchanged a few words, but you are already this mad? Hahahaha! Too bad! If someone else were in my position, your threats might have worked. However, you are nothing in my eyes! You are no more than an old lapdog of Platini!” The angrier Senxi was, the more ruthless Fei got.

The King of Chambord shook his head and laughed, “I’m sure people can see that you are only this pressing because Platini is behind you.”

What Fei said was upfront, like ripping a bandage off a wound.

“You…… Great! This is great! Under everyone’s watch, you dare to reject the order of the Bishop of the Northern Regional Church! This is my first time seeing someone dare to do this, and it seems like another evil entity has appeared on the continent. I hope that when we get to the headquarters of the Execution Department of the Northern Regional Church, you can still be this tough in front of chilling interrogation instruments!” Senxi was so mad that he almost spat out blood.

He opened his mouth and deemed Fei evil right upfront with murderous spirit enveloping him.

“Evil? Hahahaha! I’m afraid that an old lapdog like you doesn’t have that level of authority! Hahaha! Your level is too low, and you know nothing. You think you are smart, but you are used as a stick by others! The Red-Sand Shrine is one of the most prominent shrines in the northern region, but it is a pity that you are leading it now. Since you are a soft person without balls, the Red-Sand Shrine is now pretty much a subordinate to the Shiye Shrine. This is tragic! If you can live until later, you will know that even Platini won’t have the ability to say what you said in front of me!”

“You…… You……” Senxi was so mad that his face turned from red to white.

However, the king didn’t give him the opportunity to say more.

“Alright, more argument is meaningless. Mr. Senxi, you created the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] and even tried to use people like Mellberg to be the suicide squad. All of this is for weakening Chambord and forcing me to use my trump cards. Now, you achieved your goal, and the climax is about to arrive, right? Why don’t you ask the masters you invited to show themselves? Let’s use the most basic yet effective way to put an end to all this!”

After saying that, Fei took a step forward with a stern expression on his face, and it looked like he wasn’t going to say anything more.

With an angry expression, it seemed like Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand also didn’t want to say anything.

In the next moment, Senxi suddenly punched at the sky without unleashing any power, but a silver light beam which had a diameter of half a meter shot into the sky from his fist.

Boom! Crack!

It collided with the blue magic energy sphere, and a series of crackling noises sounded as if a glass jar was smashed…

People looked up and were all stunned!

The forbidden-spell-level defensive magic array, [Water Screen Sky Glare], instantly shattered! After getting punched, many cracks appeared like the shell of a broken egg, and it slowly disappeared.

This level of power……

This was……


A real Sun-Class Lord!

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand instantly showcased his god-like strength, and it was far beyond the level of peak Moon-Class. He could easily alter the laws of nature. Under the power of laws of nature, the forbidden-spell-level defensive magic array would break like a piece of paper in front of a sharp knife, and it couldn’t maintain its form anymore.

A real Sun-Class Lord was of supreme status! Senxi could easily turn around the current losing situation of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance]!

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