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Hail the King Chapter 675.1

Chapter 675: Real Strength of the King of Chambord (Part One)

No wonder Senxi was the Bishop of the Red-Sand Shrine, one of the five most prominent shrines in the Northern Regional Church. The strength that he demonstrated matched his status and fame. His god-like aura made people feel desperate and weak. All the guests on the square felt like they couldn’t fight against him.

However, to their surprise, this wasn’t Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand’s trump card.

As soon as the forbidden-spell-level defensive array formation, [Water Screen Sky Glare], was shattered, two more figures appeared in the sky in silence. They were both wearing black church robes, and they just stood there without any energy fluctuations around them.

However, that was more than enough for all other people to feel suffocated. They felt like their eyes met two terrifying black-hole, and their souls were being sucked into it along with the space around them.

This……. Two more Sun-Class Lords?

Although these two people didn’t show their strength and open their mouths, all the masters on the square could clearly tell that they were Sun-Class Lords who could rival against Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand.  These two people in black church robes gave them a mystic sensation.

“King of Chambord, you are probably surprised. Mr. Platini already foresaw this; he knew that you might refuse to listen to his order. Therefore, he already sent the Left Deacon and Right Deacon of the Shiye Shrine here with me. Mr. Dior and Mr. Lemorz are going to take the Saintess back tonight! I was trying to be kind and give you an opportunity, but I didn’t expect you, King of Chambord, to be such an evil person who dares to go against the will of the gods. It looks like the entire Chambord Kingdom couldn’t be any better. Since you set your mind on resisting, then I along with these two elders will wipe out Chambord and cleanse the evil for the gods!”

As Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand said that, his body slowly raised into the sky and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the other two Sun-Class Lords. His voice sounded like a loud bell, and the sound waves made the people’s heads dizzy.

Huge change!

This was a huge change that people didn’t expect!

Who could have guessed that the wedding of a little king could attract three Sun-Class Lords whom most people only heard of in legends?

Since they showed themselves in this little remote city, it was clear that the King of Chambord, as well as the Chambord Kingdom, were both done for. No one believed that the Chambord Kingdom had Sun-Class Lords to rival with these powerful enemies.

“Hahahaha! King of Chambord! You are dead! Dead I tell you!” Prince Simon of the Marse Empire relaxed and laughed out loud; his heart that was in his throat finally dropped down.

“That is right! Let’s see how you can turn this situation around! Hahaha! The Chambord Kingdom will be wiped out tonight!” Prince Sark of the Maze Empire also laughed recklessly. They finally didn’t need to worry about suffering the revenge of the King of Chambord for what they did tonight!

The current situation was a dead end for Chambord! The appearance of the three Sun-Class Lords had already determined the outcome.

“That is right! Guys, don’t worry! Let’s all move and kill every Chambordian! Otherwise, we will face retaliation in the future!” A Moon-Class Elite who had his face veiled up in black cloth reminded the masters around him.

In order not to be recognized by others, most of the Moon-Class Elite of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] covered their faces to hide their identities. However, the unique aura of each master couldn’t be hidden from each other.

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