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Hail the King Chapter 675.2

Chapter 675: Real Strength of the King of Chambord (Part Two)

The power the Chambord Kingdom showcased tonight shocked all of them, and it made them want to wipe out Chambord once for all. Since they already joined the [Dragon Hunt Alliance], they were going to kill every Chambordian, and it didn’t matter if they were infants or elderlies; they had to wipe out all potential threats.

With three Sun-Class Lords who could easily tie down the King of Chambord and Queen Elena, the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] would have a clear numbers advantage! There were way more Moon-Class Elites on the side of the alliance, and they could easily kill all the citizens of Chambord.

“King of Chambord, stop resisting! If you surrender right now, I can promise you that the innocent Chambordians won’t be killed! The Chambord Kingdom would get to continue with its regular life!” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand stated with power as he looked down on Fei. Right now, the former looked majestic and noble.

The other two elders from the Shiye Shrine didn’t say anything. They just released their auras and enveloped the entire Chambord Kingdom, suppressing all the masters on Fei’s side.

The collapse of Chambord was pretty much set on stone.

In front of absolute power, this was going to be a bloody massacre!

However, King Alexander of Chambord who should be devastated at this crushing moment didn’t look scared. Instead, he smiled light-heartedly.

The smile was so bright and heartfelt that all guests thought he lost his mind under pressure.

“What are you smiling about? Die!” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was very annoyed by Fei’s smile; he sensed an ominous feeling from it.

Angered, he struck down with his palm, and a silver light beam crashed down at Fei as if it was a thick bolt of lightning. The power it contained was beyond destructive.


“It is hard to tell who would live and who would die!” Fei lightly raised his arm and punched at the sky.

A beam of golden light dashed out of his fist, and it instantly collided with that silver light beam.


The loud and terrifying sound wave expanded outward and shocked heaven and earth.

What was strange was that the King of Chambord didn’t get burned into ashes by Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand. On the contrary, the golden light beam instantly destroyed that silver light beam. After that, the residual golden energy shot upward without stopping.

Senxi was stunned.

The golden light beam that was coming at him brought along a cold, death-like sensation.

At that critical moment, he could only dodge. It was a messy and abrupt teleportation.


The golden light beam barely missed as Senxi’s body merged into the space around him. Under the nightly sky, that terrifying power turned a part of Bishop Senxi’s black sleeve into ashes.

“You……” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was terrified and angry as his back was now covered in sweat. He shouted as he couldn’t believe what was going on, “You advanced into Sun-Class? How old are you? How did you do it? How is this possible? This is impossible! You… How?”

Only Sun-Class Lords could battle against Sun-Class Lords! It was a given fact!

The King of Chambord lightly punched out, but it instantly destroyed Bishop Senxi’s strike and even harmed latter a little. This was enough to prove that he was at least a Sun-Class Lord and not a peak Full Moon Elite that people had estimated.

“What? Are you surprised?” Fei slowly flew into the sky as well.

Right now, all the Moon-Class Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] were stunned; they looked at Fei who was in the sky and regretted their decisions. If they could decide all over again, they would rather go to one of the ten forbidden locations on the Azeroth Continent instead of coming to Chambord City to participate in this operation that they once thought was a piece of cake.

The King of Chambord completely overturned the world’s understanding of geniuses and power.

“How can a young man who is about 20 years old become a Sun-Class Lord?” people thought, “Could he be the reincarnation of a god?”

“However, the good thing is that we have three Sun-Class Lords on our side, and the situation isn’t that bad yet. As long as these three Sun-Class Lords of the Holy Church can kill the King of Chambord together, tonight’s winner is still going to be the [Dragon Hunt Alliance]!”

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    Oh, cmon, the author is really bad at building suspense. Rather than getting thrilled, I’m getting annoyed instead at how things unfold. Can we just get on with it, have these bitches killed?

  2. Spoiler much

    Youll be pissing your pants with suspense soon…
    Its about to become orgasmic…
    I wonder if the translator were shaking when they were translating this… ohhh damnnn

    • noodletowntranslated

      nah yeah sometimes we do get goosebumps too while translating

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