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Hail the King Chapter 676.1

Chapter 676: Shock (Part One)

“I didn’t expect this at all! I sure didn’t expect this. You are an insane genius! This is insane! How could an unparalleled genius like you be born into the Zenit Empire? Even the famous Emperor Yassin of Zenit couldn’t be compared to you! This is too bad! If you can work for the Holy Church, it would be great! The gods made a mistake and turned you into an evil person with absurd thoughts! It sure is a pity that you have such a talent for cultivation but stand against justice and virtue!” After the huge shock, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand shook his head and sighed.

The other two elders of the Shiye Shrine who were silent also opened their eyes in shock, and it seemed like they couldn’t understand how this was possible. They were no longer as relaxed, and they lightly unleashed their power and raised their guards. After all, a Sun-Class Lord was enough to threaten them.

“Really? There are more things that you can’t imagine!” Fei sneered.

At this moment, he no longer tried to hide his strength. He released the power of Hell Mode level 5 Barbarian, and clouds of golden energy flowed out of his body and slowly moved around as if it was made from glue. As this energy slowly expanded outward, the absolute physical strength turned the air in the area dense, like a swamp.

This aura was unique to Sun-Class Lords!

Now, no one doubted the real strength of Fei. It was evident.

“Hahahahaha! Although you are a Sun-Class Lord, it is impossible for you to fight with three Sun-Class Lords at once. Hehehe, unless you could turn yourself into three or summon two more Sun-Class Lords, you are losing tonight’s battle for sure!” After the momentary shock, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand quickly recovered.

“That is right! We have three Sun-Class Lords on our side, and we still have the absolute advantage! Even if the King of Chambord is now a Sun-Class Lord, which is shocking, he is still outnumbered! He is losing for sure!” he thought to himself.

It seemed like the situation is under complete control of the Holy Church.

“Huh? One versus three? Who said that? Hahaha, since you asked for it so sincerely, I will be kind and satisfy your request. I will summon two more Sun-Class Lords, ok? Just as you wish!” As soon as Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand finished speaking, Fei smiled again. That smile full of mockery made Senxi feel very uncomfortable.

Bam! The king snapped his finger, and a dash of golden flames shot into the sky like a firework and painted the image of a golden arrow in the air. It was very flashy in the dark sky, and everyone’s attention was caught by it.

“Hahahaha! One cloud-piercing arrow! Reinforcements are on the way!” the king laughed and thought, “I finally got the opportunity to say this phrase!” [TL Note: This phrase was in a popular Chinese movie called Kung Fu Hustle.]

In the next moment, two dashes of flames, one black one white, shot out from the direction of the Five Sword Sky Mountain. They appeared on the square in a flash, and their speed was unbelievable!

After the two flames disappeared, two figures appeared by Fei’s side.

One of them was a mid-aged man who looked like he was in his thirties. He had big eyes and thick brows, and he was wearing a black robe with a black wine gourd on his black belt. He sure loved black since everything on him was that color. He wasn’t too muscular, and he had a bright smile on his face, making people wanting to like him instinctually.

The other man was wearing a white robe, and his long blond hair was fluttering in the wind. His facial features were sharp, and he was quite handsome. He looked like he was about 40 to 50 years old, but the wisdom hidden in his eyes was far more profound and didn’t fit his apparent age. Different from the other man, it seemed like this man loved white. Even his golden belt was made from white gold.

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    • Draghnof

      Well, I had my little idea on whom it would be and it’s identity is revealed further ahead.

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