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Hail the King Chapter 676.2

Chapter 676: Shock (Part Two)

One black and one white, one left and one right; these two people stood beside Fei as if they were his guards.

Suddenly, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand and the two elders of the Shiye Shrine were stunned, and they looked angry and shocked. With their abilities, they could tell that these two people who suddenly appeared from the back mountains of Chambord were also Sun-Class Lords.

In addition, this mid-aged man in white and golden wasn’t a stranger to people like Senxi.

In fact, he was one of their acquaintances.

“Oh, I didn’t expect this. Javier, you actually appeared here. Therefore, I guess the rumor is true! Is the King of Chambord really the [God’s Favorite Child] of the Black-Cloth Shrine? Is he now the bishop of your shrine?” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand frowned, and he had an ominous feeling about everything since the situation was headed toward a direction that he didn’t foresee.

This handsome mid-aged man was one of the most powerful elders at the Black-Cloth Shrine, Javier Batistuta.

“Hahahaha! Senxi, I didn’t expect that we would meet here again. You are right! King Alexander His Majesty is now the bishop of our Black-Cloth Shrine. How dare you slander him? Bishop Alexander is a [God’s Favorite Child] and is blessed by the gods. How can you say that he is evil? Hehe, are you breaching the [Code of God]? Or are you trying to tilt the scale of justice?” Batistuta shouted and didn’t hesitate to accuse Senxi of wrongdoings. His aura was as sharp as a blade, and others had a hard time staring at him.

“Since I didn’t know about that, what I said doesn’t count. Hehe, I will take back what I said,” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand giggled and neutralized Batistuta’s accusations.

After a short pause, he asked, “However, taking Saintess Angela back to the headquarters of the Northern Regional Church is the order from Bishop Platini. As a member of the Northern Regional Church, Black-Cloth Shrine also must follow His Highness’ command. Do you want to go against His Highness’ command and help Chambord battle with the Holy Church? Are you betraying the Holy Church?”

Since these two knew each other well and didn’t like each other, they threw punches at each other with words.

“Even if Bishop Platini gave that order, so what? Queen Angela had already become the saintess of our Black-Cloth Shrine. As the Bishop of the Northern Regional Church, he doesn’t have the power of robbing other shrines’ saintesses, right? That is the first rule in the [Code of God]!” Batistuta didn’t buy Senxi’s reasoning, and he countered with his own.

“What? You…” Senxi was shocked by what he heard.

Suddenly, he realized why the King of Chambord didn’t look angry or surprised when he announced why he was here.

“So, he is already prepared, and he is waiting for me to…” Senxi thought.

If Angela was already the saintess of the Black-Cloth Shrine, then everything was just as what Batistuta had said. Even Bishop Platini of the Northern Regional Church didn’t have the power to make Angela into the saintess of the Shiye Shrine. This was strictly forbidden in the rules of the Holy Church.

“Humph! The King of Chambord has to be approved by the Senate of the Northern Regional Church, as well as Pope Blatter who is on the Waulu Mountain. Before that is done, everything is undetermined. Therefore, Angela isn’t the saintess of the Black-Cloth Shrine yet. Our Shiye Shrine still has an opportunity!” Seeing Senxi falling into desperation, one of the elders of the Shiye Shrine, Lemorz, suddenly spoke.

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  1. mandorain

    isint it a bad idea too have a woman be your saint if she hates you for attacking her kingdom?

  2. Brumms

    Thanks for the chapter!

    But is it me or the chapters keep getting smaller?

  3. Draghnof

    Woah this Batistuta manage to become a Sun class lord xD I like this guy so I’m happy (even more now that I know he can speak like this)

  4. Rafael Aguirre

    His name is GABRIEL Batistuta not Javier Batistuta.

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