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Hail the King Chapter 677.1

Chapter 677: Battles Between Sun-Class Lords (Part One)

What Lemorz said instantly brought hope to Senxi, and his eyes lit up.

“That is right! Hahahaha! Nothing is settled now! We still have an opportunity!” Senxi laughed out loud.

“You still have an opportunity, and so do we, the Black-Cloth Shrine. We can fight fairly for it! Under this situation, according to the [Code of Gods], it is up to Queen Angela to decide which shrine she wants to join. Even Platini can’t force Her Highness to join the Shiye Shrine,” Batistuta said.

However, he sighed secretly and thought, “Lemorz sure is old and cunning; he saw through the loophole of our plan instantly. But at least we have a proper reason to resist Platini’s order, and it isn’t the worst-case scenario yet.”

“Humph! She is only a young girl; what does she know? She can’t decide on anything! We aren’t going to play this game! This important decision has to be made by elders like us, and that is the best for her future,” the other elder of the Shiye Shrine, Dior, said coldly.

The unreasonableness of these people made Fei infuriated, and he frowned as his murderous spirit boiled.

“Too much talking! After all, we must solve this issue with fists! Queen Angela will go with the group that has the strongest fist! Let’s do it!” the mid-aged man in black who was beside Fei stated abruptly.

Fei smiled and thought, “It seems like Undead Mage Hazel Bank sure knows me the best!”

This man in black was Undead Mage Hazel Bank.

After this period of recovery, his strength had skyrocketed. Even though he wasn’t back at his peak state, he could easily cover up his undead aura. In addition, after comprehending the basic godly runes, the mad scientists, Cain and Akara, leveled up the God-Fooling Badges. As long as Hazel Bank didn’t use his Sun Anomaly, no one would be able to identify him through his energy attribute.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand frowned.

After observing Hazel Bank carefully, he asked politely, “You are……”

“I’m not famous, and I’m just a subordinate of King Alexander His Majesty,” the Undead Mage said calmly.

This answer shocked the three people on the side of Northern Regional Church.

They thought that this Sun-Class Lord in black was a master who was invited here by the King of Chambord. After all, every Sun-Class Lord was proud and dignified. It was very rare for them to admit that they were someone else’s subordinate.

However, this man in black admitted it right away.

“This is shocking! How powerful is the Chambord Kingdom?” they thought.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand wasn’t too sure of everything now. He prepared a lot for tonight, and he felt like he didn’t underestimate his opponent.

After all, even when a lion was hunting a rabbit, it would use its full strength.

However, he wasn’t able to be in control of the situation in the end; his confidence was shaking.

“Since you are a nobody, get away from here! How dare you get involved in the internal affairs of the Holy Church? Do you want to die?” Elder Lemorz of Shiye threatened with a chilly tone.

“Hehehe, old dog, don’t use that outdated threat of yours! Try me, and let me see how powerful you really are!”

How proud was the Undead Mage? When he was younger, he would kill tens of thousands of people if they offended him. In the past, numerous masters of the Holy Church died in his hand. Except for Fei, he wouldn’t show his friendly side to anyone else.

A dash of black mist shot out of the Undead Mage’s sleeves and turned into tens of thousands of sharp swords, targeting Elder Lemorz of Shiye.

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