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Hail the King Chapter 678.1

Chapter 678: A Complete Turn (Part One)

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand looked at Fei again, and the expression on his face was complicated.

This Sun-Class Lord who was one of the most influential people at the Northern Regional Church had various emotions on his mind.

He planned this operation diligently and thought that the Chambord Kingdom would be crushed by more than 20 Moon-Class Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance]. Even though he came with these two elders of the Shiye Shrine, he didn’t think that they needed to come out and pressure Chambord.

However, the situation got out of hand quickly! Now with him and those two elders, they couldn’t even guarantee success!

Right now, everything was fifty-fifty!

“I sure have underestimated you!” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand looked at Fei with a serious expression on his face. As strands of silver holy power started to spread outward, he continued, “However, even if you are a Sun-Class Lord and are capable of great strength, Chambord couldn’t escape from its doom! As long as I occupy your time and energy, the battles below Sun-Class is still heavily favored toward us! If I give the command, the masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] will be able to destroy your kingdom within 15 minutes.”

He was trying to attack Fei’s mind with words.

Since he could sense that Fei was strong, he wasn’t in a hurry to attack. He knew that Fei cared a lot about his kingdom, so he wanted to use it to pressure the king.

As long as he was could provoke Fei successfully and make the king a little distracted during battle, he would have a tremendous upper hand! This minor change could drastically alter the outcome of the fight! After all, all Sun-Class Elites were insanely powerful, and they could capitalize on the mistake of their opponents very well.

“Hahaha!” Fei laughed. He had been through way more battles compared to Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand who had high status and rarely challenged himself. Therefore, it was easy for him to read through Senxi’s mind.

As he laughed in disdain, he added, “What a joke! The [Dragon Hunt Alliance] is a joke! All of you are just cowards! Tonight, I will let you know how powerful Chambord is!”

After Fei said that, he stopped laughing and shouted, “Guys, show yourselves!”

Before he could finish, many blue portals appeared on the square as buzzing noises sounded.

As lights flashed by, many flower-like teleportation arrays opened, and powerful figures walked out of them and stood beside the warriors of Chambord.

One, two, three, four……

These people were all Moon-Class Elites!

The first two people who arrived were Priest Jessie as well as Holy Knight Alan. Then, three more people appeared by them. They were elderly priests who were from the Black-Cloth Shrine, and they were the last bit of power the shrine had.

On the other side, five elderly warriors walked out of a portal. Behind them, there were three mid-aged warriors. The elderly warriors were the ones who were saved by Fei during his trip to the Mythical Palace. Since they were very thankful toward Fei, they came with the masters in their families to congratulate the king on his wedding.

Even though they were facing powerful enemies, they still decided to stand with Chambord.

Of course, the three mid-aged warriors were their descendants who were now also at Moon-Class.

The Military Leader of [Rogue Encampment] also walked out of a portal in silence. Kashya was wearing her usual brown cape, and she had an intense murderous spirit. She was one of the most trustworthy masters from Diablo World, and she was powerful. When Chambord needed her the most, she temporarily dropped her duties at the [Letter Office] and returned.

In the guest areas, Prince Girano of St. Germain and Prince Gurkov of Bordeaux both stood up and walked to the side of Chambord with masters from their empires.

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