Chapter 679: The Demon Beast Legion of Chambord! (Part One)

The pupils of Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand contracted instantly.

He saw more than 20 huge and dark shadows suddenly appearing in the sky, and they were flying toward Chambord City.

“They are…… a bunch of supreme king-level demon beasts that are equivalent to Moon-Class Elites in terms of combat abilities?” Senxi was stunned as he finally recognized what those dark, mountain-like shadows were.

Flying in the front, the black beast that was more than 100 meters long looked shiny, and it seemed like lights were flashing on its fur continuously. Its head looked like a dog’s, but it had a massive pair of black wings, a giant body, and two sharp and vicious-looking horns on its forehead.

As it spat out orange flames from time to time, it was hard to associate this terrifying creature with a dog.

Behind this mysterious and strange black beast, there were three huge dragon-like beasts.

As they flew toward Chambord City, they roared in excitement and seemed like hooligans who wanted to engage in fights.

One of them was red like fire, one of them was blue like ice, and the last one looked like it was cast from bronze.

As they emitted terrifying auras that were unique to dragons, they followed that strange black beast tightly as if they were its guards.

Behind these three dragon-like demon beasts, there were 15 to 16 demon beasts of all kinds. There was an ape that had six arms, a python that had three heads, an eagle that had a wingspan of more than 100 meters, and an eye-like demon beast that looked like a meatball…

These demon beasts were all more than 100 meters tall or long, and they looked like flying mountains.

Their intense auras, as well as their abilities to fly, told everyone that they were supreme king-level demon beasts, and they were as powerful as Moon-Class Elites.

Demon beasts on this level were already as smart and intelligent as humans, and they had powerful innate abilities and sharper battle instincts. In addition, their bodies were much more robust than human bodies, so their combat abilities were far more powerful than ordinary Moon-Class Elites.

What shocked Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand the most was that these demon beasts flew toward Chambord in a formation! These powerful demon beasts should be hostile toward each other since they had strong senses of territory, but they followed that strange black beast and the three dragon-like demon beasts as if they were soldiers in a troop.

These demon beasts soon covered up more than half of the sky with their massive bodies, and their terrifying auras made the weaker people have a hard time breathing.

It was clear to everyone that these demon beasts resided in the back mountains of Chambord, and people couldn’t help but wonder, “Why… are these demon beasts here? Are they here to rob Chambord when it is chaotic?”

Just as everyone was confused, Queen Angela of Chambord, who looked weak and powerless, called with her beautiful voice as she stood on the high wedding platform.

What happened next stunned everyone!

The strange black beast that was flying at the very front suddenly roared angrily, and all the demon beasts following it shouted in unison and paused in mid-air. Then, that black beast dashed down at the square quickly as if it were a bolt of lightning

As a series of gasps sounded, that huge black beast suddenly slowed down and landed quietly beside the high platform. Suddenly, it turned gentle and tamed like a cute kitten, and it sat down on the square on its all-fours.

Now, people saw that there was a mystic silver throne situated on this black beast’s back.

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