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Hail the King Chapter 679.2

Chapter 679: The Demon Beast Legion of Chambord! (Part Two)

On one armrest of the throne, there was a chubby Treasure-Seeking Beast. Its eyes were black and big, its fur was brownish-red, and its fat tail was black and white striped.

Anyone who looked at it in its eyes felt like it was really smart, and this animal was jumping and chirping on the throne. It was clear that it knew Queen Angela well, and it seemed like it was welcoming her to sit on the throne.

Angela lightly pulled up her long white dress to make sure that the bottom of the dress was making the least amount of contact with the floor, and she stepped onto the back of this gigantic black beast, walked to the mystic throne, and sat on it slowly.

As soon as her hands touched the armrests, a layer of pure and saint energy appeared and formed a circular sphere around her, completely enveloping and protecting this gorgeous and pure girl along with the throne.


In the next moment, this gigantic black beast opened its mouth and shouted, and the sound wave expanded outward and blew dust and small rocks into the air as if there were a tornado.

Then, as it fluttered its wings, this black beast dashed into the sky with Queen Angela on its back.

After it got back to its peers, the other supreme king-level demon beasts roared in excitement and flew around Angela rapidly as if they met their lord.

This scene took everyone by surprise! It was like a miracle! People felt like they couldn’t even process this information.

It was clear that Queen Angela was able to command supreme king-level demon beasts! It was unimaginable!

Anyone who had basic knowledge about demon beasts knew that they were difficult to be tamed by humans on the Azeroth Continent. Unless they were raised by humans when they were born, or they were captured and brainwashed by secret techniques, it was almost impossible to get them.

Obtaining one demon beast was hard, let alone taming more than a dozen supreme king-level demon beasts!

What was happening right now flipped the concrete knowledge about demon beasts in many people’s minds.

“Blacky! Guys! Let’s protect Chambord together!”

Sitting on the mystic throne located on Blacky’s back, Angela looked like a goddess who wasn’t from this world. Her white dress emphasized her bright aura and her otherworldly beauty. When she was around the demon beasts, she smiled and spoke in a soft tone that made it sound like she was speaking to old friends.

It was clear that the demon beasts could understand the words of Angela. As they roared in the sky, violent and disruptive energies appeared and dispersed into the air.

As Blacky flew in the air, four to five most powerful demon beasts surrounded it and tried to protect Angela in the center.

Then, the three dragons, Thug, Chick, and Hooligan, dashed down with the rest of the supreme king-level demon beasts. They were targeting the masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] who were all stunned on the square, and they spat out fire, ice, poison, and lightning energies as they attacked these enemies of Chambord!

The scene looked like a formation of huge bomber aircraft was bombing the ground mercilessly.

“Ah……” A low-tier New Moon Elite who had his face veiled up wasn’t able to dodge in time, and he was turned into a puddle of blood by the fire energies a few demon beasts spat.

“Damn it! Why are these b*stards listening to the Queen of Chambord?”

“Ah! What is happening? My arm……”

“Damn it! Let’s attack and kill these demon beasts first!”

“Damn it! Why are these two queens this powerful? One of them is close to Sun-Class, and the other could command demon beasts! This is too much! From now on, Chambord is going to be the most powerful force within 500,000 kilometers of Zenit!”

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  1. Shuvro

    I really wanted to see Arthur too(the bone dragon of hazel).It would be the full squad then hehe

  2. maksvasagan

    Are normal people still alive from all those auras?

  3. Luiz P. Santos

    Ele deve está atrás daquele anão que estava se escondendo e achou que o fei não tinha percebido ele.

  4. I trully hope that this isn’t a spoiler, Luiz.
    Also… You should use english instead of Pt.

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