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Hail the King Chapter 680.1

Chapter 680: Flipping It (Part One)

“Counterattack! Fight back! If you want to live, fighting back is the only option!”

On the square, the Moon-Class Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] were shocked and scared.

They screamed at each other and were in a complete mess.

However, the demon beasts in the air were spitting powerful energies at them, and they had to defend themselves somehow.

When some of them weren’t careful, several demon beasts charged down at the same time and pulled them into the air. After a few seconds of tearing and biting, they were turned into pieces, and their flesh, organs, and bones fell from the sky. The scene was really horrific.

Sitting on [The Throne of Chaos], Angela looked down and saw everything, and she looked a little troubled. However, she didn’t say anything to stop it in the end.

What happened tonight angered Angela who was usually peaceful and calm; it was really rare for her to get angry. Therefore, she commanded the demon beasts and killed the cruel enemies mercilessly.

“Hahahaha! Let’s go! None of these b*stards can get away alive!” Drogba laughed as he swung the huge shield, [Holy Collision], and dashed toward the stunned masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] like an orange tornado.

“Die! Anyone who dares to attack Chambord shall pay with their lives!” Lampard leaped into the air and turned into a thick bolt of lightning. Even though he moved later than Drogba, he got to the enemies first.

As lightning flashed, Prince Simon of Marse and Prince Sark of Maze, who were the weakest but also the most arrogant, were turned into two pieces of charcoal-like statues after the lightning energy went through them. Even streaks of black smoke were coming off them.

“Kill! These b*stards! We treated them with hospitality and respect, but they are just vicious wolves that are greedy and cruel! Let them experience the anger of the Chambordians!”

People like Pierce, Cech, Oleg, Robbin, and Kashya all roared and instantly unleashed their power. There was no need to hide their strength now, so they all summoned the high-level combat weapons that Fei gave them.

Their combat abilities skyrocketed, and they dashed into the enemies of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] without mercy like tigers in herds of sheep.

Following them, the masters of the Black-Cloth Shrine and the Moon-Class Elites of the elderly warriors’ families all charged forward as well.

With the advantage, the people who were on the side of Chambord felt confident, and their morale was high. Therefore, they were able to crush their enemies easily.

At the same time, Torres and Akinfeev who were both very handsome already unleashed their warrior energies.

As warrior energy flames enveloped them, they loaded their bows and shot out lethal magic arrows. Like the dark storm clouds, arrows that looked like raindrops were shot from them.

Both these handsome blond young men were archery masters. Even if they shot out arrows with their eyes closed, they could still hit their targets accurately. Therefore, the blood of the enemies was spilled, and no one was showing mercy!

A bloody and chaotic battle finally took place.

The strength of one party was growing while the power of the other party continued to decline.

Right now, the power of Chambord was far beyond the [Dragon Hunt Alliance]. With the reinforcement of the demon beasts in the sky, there were more than double the Moon-Class Elites on the side of Chambord compared with the invaders.

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