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Hail the King Chapter 680.2

Chapter 680: Flipping It (Part Two)

The huge change terrified the masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance], and the death of their peers dropped their morale. They weren’t able to give their all during battles, and some of them even turned around and tried to flee!

In the sky, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand couldn’t believe his eyes, and his face twitched non-stop.

At this moment, he still wasn’t willing to accept what he was seeing!

“What do you think, Mr. Senxi? Do you still think that my Chambord is a weak bug that could be stomped by you at will?” Fei wasn’t trying to act nobly at all, and he wasn’t going to let Senxi go that easy.

He was going to beat Senxi up viciously with words first and really shame this arrogant Bishop of the Red-Sand Shrine.

These supreme king-level demon beasts were all ‘native residents’ in the back mountains of Chambord. They each occupied territory at the vast and limitless mountains and forests behind Chambord, and they were the king of their land. They didn’t attack each other and just safeguarded their territories, and that had been going on for numerous years.

However, after Blacky advanced in realms, it led the three young dragons and wandered around the edges of the back mountains. They started to like fighting, and they went to challenge the supreme king-level demon beasts that had owned large territories. In the beginning, they won most of the fights and lost only a few, and they gradually were able to achieve a win rate of 100%. Almost all the supreme king-level demon beasts within 500 kilometers of Chambord were defeated and terrified by these four outsiders.

After more than half a month, these supreme king-level demon beasts were beaten again and again, and they had to surrender to Blacky and the three dragons, accepting them as the real rulers of the wilderness within 500 kilometers of Chambord.

All of this was unknown to Fei before.

Fei ran into them when these four beasts were flying in the forests and back mountains with their subordinates a few days ago, and he learned about all this.

At that time, the king was at a loss for words and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

However, since he saw that the supreme king-level demon beasts were all trained by Blacky and the three dragons and were organized like a military troop, he suddenly had the idea of constructing a legion of supreme king-level demon beasts.

There were many supreme king-level demon beats at the back mountains of Chambord, and there were a lot of secrets. If Chambord could really form a demon beast legion, the kingdom would be almost invincible in the region!

However, Blacky and the three dragons weren’t strong enough, and getting more than 20 supreme king-level demon beasts under them was their limit.

Afterward, Fei suddenly thought about Angela’s innate ability to communicate with beasts and animals, and he realized the power of it. Therefore, he sneaked Angela out of Chambord behind his future father-in-law’s back and tried to see if her innate ability would work.

The result of the test surprised Fei.

He didn’t expect these vicious and powerful demon beasts to act like cute kittens in front of Angela, and they behaved really tamed. What was interesting was that the higher the level of demon beasts, the more intelligent they were, and more obedient and tamed they were in front of Angela. It felt like they were the loyal subjects of Angela, their lord.

With the secret help of Angela, this demon beast legion of Chambord was quickly formed.

In just a few days, the legion got well trained, and the supreme king-level demon beasts all listened to Angela, Blacky, and the three dragons.

This was the first show of the demon beast legion, and it was shocking!

Everyone was at a loss for words!

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    Yea this is petty rad. Very cool
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  2. bananaisblue

    I like how Fei’s women are not useless. They are very strong in their own way. If Tanasha, Paris, Jessica, and Danielle were included, he would conquer every dimension beside military lol. Tanasha and Paris in Politics. Jessica in economy. And Danielle in the underground.

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