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Hail the King Chapter 681.1

Chapter 681: Assassination (Part One)

Fei liked to show off in front of his enemies.

Since the power of the demon beast legion was so strong, and their appearances were so shocking, how could the king not be smug?

Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to mock Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand mercilessly.

“This is unexpected…… No one would have expected this. The little Chambord Kingdom pressed me to this degree! Your strength is enough for Chambord to be a dominant force in the region, and you should be proud.”

At this moment, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand had to admit that even though he overestimated the Chambord Kingdom by multiple folds, it was still not enough. His plan was destroyed, and he was losing in this situation.

The strength Chambord showcased was enough to make them into a level 5 or a level 6 empire; they couldn’t be called an affiliated kingdom anymore.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he was stunned to the max.

Right now, no words could describe what was going on in Senxi’s mind.

He looked down on the ground and saw the masters on the side of Chambord coordinating with supreme king-level demon beasts. Chambord was in a great advantage, and they were crushing the masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance]. In just a few minutes, the masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] were severely injured or killed; they couldn’t put up a defense.

What surprised him even more was that the many citizens of Chambord who were standing outside the square somehow disappeared when Chambord was flipping the situation around. In the big Chambord City, except for the people on the square, not a single person could be seen.

“Where did all of those ordinary people go?” he thought, “This is clearly a set-up! The Chambordians planned this in advance!”

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand suddenly turned ugly as soon as he thought about that; his face even paled.

He suddenly realized that the plan that he came up with carefully had been see through by this young king already. Even though he thought that there were many hidden trump cards, and they were in stealth, it seemed like this young king already predicted them…

No! The better way to put it was that the King of Chambord already knew what was going to happen before the [Dragon Hunt Operation] took place!

This thought flashed in Senxi’s mind, and it made his heart race as his body shivered.

The reason that he was liked and valued by Bishop Platini of the Northern Regional Church was that he was great at strategic planning on top of having immerse strength. He was really considerate, and he always kept the entire picture in mind, making him an excellent advisor and strategist.

However, he failed this time! Not only in strength, but he also got crushed in terms of his plans and strategies.

“How did the King of Chambord know all of this? Could it be that there are traitors on the inside of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance]?” he thought.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was dumbfounded, and he quickly thought through the people who were in the alliance, wanting to identify the person or group who betrayed him.

At this moment, he looked down at the square unintentionally, and his pupils instantly contracted when he saw the battles that were going on.

He wasn’t sure when, but the No.2 Mercenary Group in the region, [Fire Blood Mercenary Group], disappeared.

The mercenary group that was only below the [Wind Horse Mercenary Group] in the region was hired by him from the Leon Empire, and the masters of that mercenary group were saying that they were going to kill all the Chambordians before the wedding.

However, the members and the group leader who had a gold mask were nowhere to be seen; they didn’t put up a fight and somehow escaped.

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