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Hail the King Chapter 681.2

Chapter 681: Assassination (Part Two)

This discovery made Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand realize something, but it was already too late.

The momentum of tonight’s event already left him.

As death wails sounded on the square, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand suddenly raised his head and stared at Fei. He said viciously, “I haven’t lost yet! Anyone who isn’t on the realm of Sun-Class is an ant! The battles on the ground are battles between ants. As long as I defeat you, and the two elders defeat their opponents, this situation would still be back at my control!”

“This is also what I want to tell you.” Fei squinted his eyes; this signal that he was about to attack.

“Hahaha! You are just an arrogant kid! When did you advance into Sun-Class? How many days have you been a Sun-Class Lord? There are differences between Sun-Class Lords as well! The dignity of experienced Sun-Class Lords can’t be challenged by a kid like you!”

After completely ignoring what was happening on the ground, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand instantly unleashed his power.

The short, burned-like stick suddenly shone in his right hand, and it emitted a terrifying sensation. It felt like a god woke up from his sleep, and this weapon targeted Fei and locked onto him.

“Huh? It is a semi-god-tier combat weapon?” Fei was a bit surprised. As his pupil contracted a little, he instantly created some distance between himself and Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand.

The king sensed a chilling and dangerous sensation from this short stick that was black and looked ordinary a moment ago.

“That is right! This is the most sacred treasure of the Red-Sand Shrine, the [Black Reef Staff], a semi-god-tier combat weapon. I thought that I wouldn’t need it for tonight, but……” As he said that, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand suddenly raised the [Black Reef Staff], and a wave of burning silver holy power instantly poured out of it. It lit up the sky, and it looked like there was a sun in the middle of the night.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!!!

Arrows of light shot toward Fei like raindrops in a storm.

Fei concentrated his energy and didn’t dare to underestimate his enemy.

“Crystal wall!” he shouted and pushed his right hand forward. A golden crystal wall instantly appeared in front of him and blocked all the silver arrows. Then, the arrows were bounced back at an even faster speed.

However, by now, Senxi already disappeared from where he was.

A gush of sharp energy struck toward Fei from his right. Not sure when, but Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand already appeared to the right of Fei, and [Black Reef Staff] torn through space and easily penetrated Fei’s body through his back.

One lucky strike?

However, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand didn’t look happy. It was because Fei’s body that got penetrated suddenly turned into nothing.

What Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand hit was only an afterimage that Fei left since he moved so fast.

Using the same method, Fei already appeared behind Senxi and punched out.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of energy storms appeared in the sky and expanded outward.

The two Sun-Class Lords dashed around and appeared at different locations at every split second as if they were phantoms. They were attacking each other as tests and tried to see what each other was capable of. In just the blink of an eye, they had already struck each other more than 100 times, and they were evenly matched; neither of them got the upper hand.

After they struck each other one more time, the violent explosive energy created a tear in the space, showing several black cracks that revealed the void.

Both Fei and Senxi shivered, and they backed off each other.

Fei felt like both of his arms were numb. After all, Senxi was a powerful Sun-Class Lord, and he wasn’t easy to deal with.

As he unleashed his power one more time and tried to use a different technique, he suddenly detected a sense of danger that he never felt before. All the pores on his body opened, and all his hair stood up.

He was only able to back off for a bit at that split second, and a terrifying dash of cold light flashed by.

A deep wound appeared on his shoulder, and blood instantly gushed out.

At the moment, even his shoulder bones could be seen.

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  1. Did he just copycat Mu’s Crystal Wall? lmao

  2. Draghnof

    I’m not in the mood so I’ll tell this :


    With it he could resist almost all attacks (only have the draw back force to deal with) and he can crush almost anything (as long as he put sufficient force) and the bonus stats are strong too so it would be much more easy (now that he isn’t high level anymore, the bonus stats are tremendous for him)

    • Hotshot6672

      I think he doesn’t want to break the black reef staff

      • OG

        That and he is also “fighting naked” while cultivating . he obviously won’t die with 500 chapt to go… Lol

  3. Gibz

    Alexander is too much of a show off…
    Probably looking for a chance to show off his awesome bloodmist making diablo barbarian sun class anomaly

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