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Hail the King Chapter 682.1

Chapter 682: Sun Anomaly – [Gods’ Forbidden Land] (Part One)

An assassin!

There was a powerful assassin hiding in the area!

“Hahaha! King of Chambord, even though you are calculative and cunning, you still fell into the trap! I have been preparing for this for a long time! Hahaha! The assassins of the [Dark Shadow Shrine] sure are powerful and can hide anywhere. Their ultimate assassination technique even severely injured you!” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand suddenly laughed out loud, and he sounded proud.

This sudden assassination was one of the trump cards that he planned.

The momentary upfront battle was meant to distract Fei and make him focus onto Senxi, providing that assassin who was hiding in the dark with an excellent opportunity to strike Fei and kill him.

Unfortunately, this assassin was at peak Moon-Class and still a step away from the powerful Sun-Class. Even though his stealth technique and assassination skills were impressive, they weren’t enough to kill the King of Chambord. Fei was able to sense the danger ahead of time and dodged a little, making the dagger miss his vital point.

“Damn it! You are shameless! You are a bishop of the Holy Church and a Sun-Class Lord! You don’t dare to fight with me directly?” Fei was enraged, and he punched out without hesitation.

The golden fist mark dashed forward and shattered the space around it, making it seem like it was the end of the world.

Then, a figure appeared from the collapsing space. His body was short like a midget, and he puked up a lot of blood. He was the assassin who injured Fei.

Even though Fei was able to severely injure this assassin in turn, he wasn’t able to kill this midget-sized assassin.

Suddenly, that figure flashed, and the assassin who was puking up blood shivered and dashed into space, disappearing again as if he was a smooth earthworm.

Just when Fei was about to chase after him, something mystic happened.

Suddenly, silver energy flames appeared, and a vast and undefendable amount of energy pulled on him.

Soon, the world in front of Fei changed, and the dark sky, bright stars, bloody battles, loud shouts, demon beasts’ roars, and Chambord City all disappeared at this moment.

In their place was a vast and limitless red space.

Fei felt like he was in a huge desert, and all the sand grains were tiny bloody-red crystals. The sand was red, the sky was red, the light in the space was red, and even the air was red… Everything here was as red as blood, and there weren’t any other colors.

Fei frowned and raised his hand.

Bam! He punched out, and a thick, golden energy beam dashed into the sky.

However, after it traveled upward for a long time, it still didn’t hit any barriers, and it gradually disappeared from Fei’s vision.

“King of Chambord, you are a guilty soul who stained the honor of the gods! You are inside the [God’s Forbidden Land]! How dare you still act so arrogantly? Quickly kneel before the gods, surrender your soul, and beg for forgiveness!” Suddenly, a majestic and god-like voice echoed in the sky, and it was so loud that it sounded like a rumble of thunder and was deafening.

Fei looked up and suddenly found that a god was standing in the sky. He wasn’t sure when this deity appeared, but this god was more than 1,000 meters tall, and he was enveloped by silver holy power. He had an indescribable aura that could only belong to gods or demons, and he looked down at Fei with might. Two beams of terrifying lights shot out of his eyes, and it felt like these two light beams could cleanse all guilt and burn all evil!

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  1. OG

    Interesting…..is it not Fei’s sun anomoly?

  2. Wudarc

    É irritante quando aparece esse tipo de pessoa que diz fazer a vontade dos deuses. Espero que os três sejam mortos.

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