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Hail the King Chapter 683.1

Chapter 683: Assassin! Assassin! (Part One)

“Hahahaha! Surrender! Since you got pulled inside my Sun Anomaly, your fate is set! You are like a piece of meat on the cutting board, and I’m the chef with the knife! All your struggles will be useless and meaningless!” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand shouted.

As he waved his arms, dashes of thick beams of lights shot down from the sky and struck at Fei, enveloping him in this madness. It looked like the king was being pierced by many giant judgment swords.

The battles between Sun-Class Lords were very dangerous and breathtaking. Each of them had the power to destroy the land, and a casual attack from them could change the outcome of a war between ordinary soldiers.

Besides, their unique powers, which were the Sun Anomalies, represented their status and contained incredible abilities.

However, it required perfect timing and position for them to be used.

For example, when two Sun-Class Lords were close in power levels, it was tough for one person to drag the other person into his or her Sun Anomaly especially when the latter was prepared.

One could only pull someone into his or her Sun Anomaly when the latter was much weaker or severely injured. For example, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand only pulled Fei into his Sun Anomaly after that midget severely injured the king, and he couldn’t do it before.

However, once someone was sucked into a Sun Anomaly, it would be very dangerous. He or she wouldn’t be able to use their own Sun Anomalies unless they defeated their opponents or shattered the Sun Anomalies that they were in.

That was because each Sun Anomaly was a world of its own, and the owner of that world could do anything in it. The battleground would heavily favor the owner since all the laws of nature were overwritten to benefit him or her, and all the laws of nature that the opponents comprehended would be rendered useless temporarily.

What was truly terrifying was that even though the person who got pulled into the Sun Anomaly would be in a disadvantage, every single bit of energy he or her used wouldn’t be replenished by the elements in nature. On the other hand, the owner of the Sun Anomaly could have an unlimited supply of energy.

The reason why Fei got pulled into Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand’s Sun Anomaly so easily was that he got severely injured by that midget!

After Fei was injured, he got furious and lost concentration for a split second. Even though he showed his weakness for a short time, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was able to utilize that mistake!

In a sense, Fei being pulled into the [Gods’ Forbidden Land] was a part of Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand’s careful planning!

This was the first battle that Fei fought where his opponent was also a Sun-Class Lord, and he was taught a huge lesson!

As thick silver light beams shot down from the sky, Fei had to change his positions continuously to dodge and tried to plan a counterstrike. Even though he wasn’t being injured further, his situation was getting worse and worse.

In the end, he wasn’t able to dodge in time, and he had to take a few of the thick silver light beams head-on. Blood gushed out of the deep wound on his right shoulder non-stop. Right now, his blue robe was almost completely soaked in blood!

Ae time passed, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand who was in the sky became more and more stunned.

The power of the King of Chambord far exceeded his expectations. The king was able to last so long even though powerful light beams were shooting at him, and he didn’t even look tired. A lot of his energy was probably already used, but the king wasn’t getting slower or weaker.

Like a savage, the king looked brave and heroic as he continued to last in Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand’s Sun Anomaly.

Such terrifying endurance!

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