Chapter 684: Drastic Change (Part One)

This midget suddenly appeared by Angela’s side, and the queen didn’t know any combat techniques or martial arts. In fact, the expression on her face didn’t even change in time……

“Damn it! Stop! AHHHHH!!” Elena who was flying toward Blacky was terrified, and she had never been so anxious before. It felt like there wasn’t enough time for her to do anything to stop this.

She quickly pulled out her [M’avina’s Caster – Grand Matron Bow], and the bowstring vibrated rapidly to a degree where it was hard for human eyes to see, and many arrows flew out continuously as if they were chained to each other.

The arrows pierced through the air and left a trail of afterimages, and the energy contained in them was terrifying……

However, the speed of the arrows was a bit slower than needed.

The dagger in that midget’s hand was already too close to Angela, and the chilling light that reflected off the blade already brightened up Angela’s neck…

-Sun Anomaly, [Gods’ Forbidden Place]-

In this space where everything was red, many red lightning bolts struck down as if the gods were angry.

There was a man who was changing his position on the ground continuously, and his figure was a little blurry due to the high speed. Even though he was also fighting back, the situation wasn’t in his favor.

“Hahahaha! King of Chambord, give up! As soon as you entered my Sun Anomaly, your defeat became inevitable! Even if you try to fight back, it would be a waste of your energy! Why waste both of our time?” Bishop Senxi stood in mid-air and said with a proud expression.

He was high up in the sky, and he felt like a god who was in control of everything. As he looked down at the person who was running around like a beast in a huge cage, he felt like he was watching a circus show.


Even though that figure was dodging lightning bolts at every second, he didn’t respond. In fact, he didn’t even look at Senxi.

“Hahahaha! Ok! I will wait and see how long you can last without the ability to replenish your energy! Hahaha! Sun-Class Heavenly Lightning! Red-Flash Lightning Bolts!!!!”

As Bishop Senxi of Red Sand roared in the sky, he waved the [Black Reef Staff].

Instantly, the lightning bolts that were striking down from the sky increased in number and intensity.

As these lightning bolts got thicker and more powerful, even the ground got numerous cracks struck into them. The red sand grains melted and became thick red liquid under such high temperature, and the red desert was turning into a red sea!


Finally, a bloody lightning bolt that was more than one-meter-thick struck Fei right on his head.

As if the lightning power numbed his muscles, Fei’s speed reduced drastically, losing his excellent tempo and control.

Then, he was instantly struck by a few more lightning bolts and got enveloped in a sea of red lightning power.

“Hahaha! You are dead!”

This scene made Bishop Senxi of Red Sand who was in the sky relax and calm down, and his heart that was in his throat finally dropped back into his chest.

He had been scared by the trump cards that the King of Chambord revealed one after another. Therefore, even though he already pulled Fei into his Sun Anomaly, he was still not feeling confident about it; he was afraid that Fei might do something else beyond his comprehension and turn the situation around again.

When seeing this scene, he finally relaxed since he knew how terrifying these red lightning bolts were. After all, they were cast by him using the semi-god-tier combat weapon, [Black Reef Staff]; it was enough to numb an inexperienced Sun-Class Lord for more than ten seconds.

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