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Hail the King Chapter 684.2

Chapter 684: Drastic Change (Part Two)

However, even though it seemed like the King of Chambord was defeated, Bishop Senxi of Red Sand didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent.

Using the [Black Reef Staff], he continued to command the elements in his Sun Anomaly and struck Fei with more lightning bolts.

The lightning bolts crashed at Fei’s body continuously as if the gods were punishing him, and a cloud of redness soon enveloped his body. It was hard to tell his blood and the red lightning energy apart.

Soon, a huge pit appeared, and Fei’s body was deep in the bottom, nowhere to be seen.

The red lightning bolts continued to strike down.

Bishop Senxi of Red Sand only stopped his attacks after about more than ten minutes. By now, the pit in the ground already had a diameter of more than 100 meters, and it was so deep that its bottom couldn’t be seen.

As streaks of black smoke rose above the pit, nothing could be sensed within the pit. There was no sound nor lights.

“Huh? No sensation at all? Could it be that the lightning bolts killed the King of Chambord?” Bishop Senxi of Red Sand thought as he landed by the pit and slowly walked over with the [Black Reef Staff] in front of him, ensuring his safety.

Then, he bent his back carefully and looked down at the bottom of the pit with his guard up.

At this moment, a golden light dot suddenly shined at the dark, abyss-like bottom of the pit, and it looked beautiful as if it was a grain of gold in a black riverbed.

However, Senxi was shocked, and he tried to back off immediately.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

A golden light beam suddenly shot out of the bottom of the pit with insane power, and it hit Senxi right in the chest.

Lucky for Senxi, he didn’t lower his guard, and he had the [Black Reed Staff] in front of his chest. This semi-god-tier combat weapon had its own spirit, and it emitted a thick layer of silver holy power automatically when it detected danger, blocking this strike before Senxi had the time to react.

Even though this was the case, Senxi still got shot into the air by the force, looking like a broken punching bag.

“You… You are still not dead! How is this possible?” With blood sliding down his lips, Senxi gasped with his eyes wide open, “How? After you stayed in the [Gods’ Forbidden Place] for so long, your power and energy didn’t weaken at all?”

Senxi was shocked to find this as he finally landed on the ground powerlessly after flying back more than several hundred meters.

He didn’t think that the King of Chambord still had this much power to fight back after getting struck by lightning bolts for so long.

As soon as he landed, Bishop Senxi of Red Sand suddenly realized that something was wrong.

After a quick pause, he looked around slowly with his stiff body as if he were the one who got struck by lightning. Then, as if he discovered the most terrifying and unbelievable thing yet, he lost his composure and screamed like a pig that was being slaughtered.

It turned out that the environment around him changed!

Bishop Senxi of Red Sand suddenly realized that he was at somewhere different! At the moment he got struck, he was no longer inside his [Gods’ Forbidden Place]. Instead, he was now inside a dark and gloomy cave, and there was a ton of chilling and evil energy.

“What is going on?” Senxi was at a loss for words and didn’t know what happened.

It was tough for Senxi to lose his composure since he was the bishop of a shrine in the Holy Church, and he had been through a lot of situations and knew a lot of ancient secrets.

However, this happened inside his own Sun Anomaly, and it was unheard of!

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    ok just random comment about the whole energie thing … wast there a energie barrier or somthing when that Moonclase new moon rank 1-5 fightet against someone else at that competition 200 chaps before? how there was NEVER any thing mentioned about that since? now they are all monsters and fight in citys but everything keeps fine (even in other citys or enviroment)

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