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Hail the King Chapter 685.1

Chapter 685: Strange Cave (Part One)

It was a well-known fact that the owner of a Sun Anomaly was like a god in his or her own dimension. They could easily control everything in their Sun Anomalies, and opponents who were several times more powerful than them would be played with and defeated by them.

Unless their opponents were strong enough to shatter space and break the Sun Anomaly, the situation wouldn’t be able to be turned around. In other words, Sun-Class Lords weren’t able to open their Sun Anomalies in someone else’s Sun Anomaly.

This was an iron law on Azeroth Continent.

However, what was happening in front of Senxi told him that something was wrong. He was inside a dark cave, and he could hear the roars of demons and monsters. In addition, the chilling air, the evil energy, and the gloomy sensation make it clear: Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was not in the real world and not in the [Gods’ Forbidden Land]. Theoretically, it seemed like he was inside someone else’s Sun Anomaly. In fact, he should be inside the King of Chambord’s Sun Anomaly.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand got stunned by this discovery; it was more shocking to him compared with if someone told him that Pope Blatter was actually an undead mage.

“The King of Chambord broke the iron law on Azeroth Continent. He used his Sun Anomaly in my Sun Anomaly…… How?” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand thought to himself; he couldn’t calm himself down at all! He was terrified!

After a moment, he forced himself to relax, and the semi-god-tier combat weapon, [Black Reef Staff], shined brightly after he injected his energy into it. The dark cave was lit up, and Senxi was finally able to see his surroundings. There were a ton of black rocks around him, and they were freezing. A rotten and bloody smell permeated the air, and Senxi didn’t see where the King of Chambord was.

Suddenly, a series of slow yet clear footsteps sounded from the inner of the cave through the corridors.

Senxi was a bit nervous, and he unleashed all his holy power, trying to concentrate and be prepared for what was about to come.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in the corridor, and it seemed like this figure was having a hard time walking since he staggered and strolled. There was no sense of life on him, but there was a thick layer of evil energy surging on him. Both of his arms were raised parallel to the ground, and it looked bizarre……

“A…… A zombie that is close to the realm of Sun-Class?”

After that figure got closer, Senxi finally saw what it was.

This figure was actually a zombie! It was almost entirely naked, and its skin was in a greenish black color. The rotten flesh stuck to its body, and its eyeballs were almost going to drop out of its eye frames.

To his surprise, this figure wasn’t the King of Chambord at all.

“Such an evil existence! The gods won’t allow the existence of such beings! Melt under the light of the holy power!”

The holy power of the Holy Church was a great counter to undead creatures, and Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was a master at it. As soon as he waved his hand, a dash of white flame shot out and enveloped this zombie. Then, a gush of stinky odor permeated the air. Without having the ability to defend itself, this zombie got turned into a pool of thick yellow liquid that smelled bad.

“What is going on? Is this not the King of Chambord’s Sun Anomaly?” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was a little confused.

After destroying this zombie, he was more confused than ever. According to his understanding of the King of Chambord’s power, this young king just advanced into the Sun-Class Realm.

In fact, he believed that the King of Chambord was a bit weaker than him, probably at level 4 or level 5 low-tier Morning Sun Realm.

According to the power of Sun-Class Lords in this realm, even if they were able to construct their Sun Anomalies, they couldn’t create a space that was this real-life-like! After all, there was even a zombie that was almost on the level of Sun-Class in this cave, and it could be counted as a form of life.

In theory, only Sun-Class Lords in the realm of Burning Sun could create living beings in their Sun Anomalies!

What took place confused and puzzled Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand.

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  1. 324King

    Man I don’t like these chapters at all, MC is weak af for the first time in this novel and its not fun.

    • BoB

      i think its more like pretending becase if he would REALY struggle we could read some thougs of his like last time he fightet that sun class lord

  2. Leoff

    lol how can you read this and think mc is weak.

  3. Goldenzeal

    did he pull him into the Den of Evil from the first act on hell mode in the diablo world ?

    also on that subject. it grinds my gears that the inhabitants like Akara and the others from the Rogue Encampment calls it “the diablo world” the world is called Sanctuary in the game´s lore, and only people who know it used to be a game like Fei should call it that.

  4. Wudarc

    Ele transportou o velho para o Mundo Diablo no modo inferno

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