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Hail the King Chapter 685.2

Chapter 685: Strange Cave (Part Two)

After observing his surrounding a little, he figured out that there was no way back. To figure out what was going on, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand forced himself to calm down. Then, he pulled up his courage and continued forward into the cave.

The deeper he got, the chillier it was, and more evil energies were around him.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was shocked, and he couldn’t think of a place on Azeroth Continent that had this much evil sensation. He had read many documents in the Holy Church, and he was familiar with a lot of secret locations and mysterious events.

After more careful observations, he suddenly felt like the evil sensation around him was similar to the hell energy which could even terrify the gods in legends!

“Damn those gods!”

A series of muffled and unclear roars sounded from the darkness in front of him.

Suddenly, several red monsters that looked like they were skinned charged out of the darkness viciously. They were holding orange torches in one hand and knives in the other, and they were all close to the realm of Sun-Class.

“What are these?” Senxi was stunned, and he quickly waved his [Black Reef Staff] and unleashed his holy power, emitting dashes of silver holy energy blades.

The corridor was instantly lit up, and the light sword destroyed these monsters. Out of the six monsters, four were killed, and their blood stained the ground. As the stinky smell of their blood dispersed into the air, the other two monsters turned around and escaped while screaming.

“Close to the power of Sun-Class Lords, but very timid. They are red, holding torches and knives……”

Senxi suddenly thought back to a document he read at the library of the Holy Church, and he instantly remembered the description of a legendary monster. He thought to himself in fear, “Could it be that I’m really at the terrifying Hell? Why are there so many monsters around here?”

Now, he didn’t believe that this was the King of Chambord’s Sun Anomaly.

With the King of Chambord’s strength, it was impossible for him to build such a real world! In addition, there were many monsters in this world, and they were all close to the realm of Sun-Class. Even peak Burning Sun Lords couldn’t do it! It was on the level of gods!

“Someone who just advanced into Sun-Class can’t do this!” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand thought to himself.

Just as Senxi was about to get close to the corpses of these monsters to observe them, clouds of orange flames suddenly appeared on them!


Suddenly, these dead monsters got revived, and they didn’t look any weaker! Still with the strength close to Sun-Class, they jumped up and looked like they didn’t die a moment ago.

Now, Senxi was terrified!

He waved the [Black Reef Staff] like a madman, and he backed off continuously. The silver holy power lighted the entire corridor, and these monsters whined and got burned into liquid, soon dying again.

However, after less than a minute, orange flames appeared again, and the red monsters got revived again even though their corpses got destroyed!

Senxi had to use his ultimate strikes to kill them again.

After several repeats, Senxi exhaled deeply and finally figured out what was going on.

Far away in the darkness, there was a monster that looked like an evil mage. It was wearing a cloak made of straws and a white bone crown and holding a white bone wand. It was the one that was using spells to revive these little red monsters.

This evil mage’s power was actually around level 1 low-tier Morning Sun!

Fortunately, Senxi was a lot stronger than this evil mage, and he had a semi-god-tier combat weapon. He quickly killed this evil mage.

Just as he expected, after he killed that evil mage, the little red monsters couldn’t revive anymore.

Right now, Senxi was already scared after thinking back to the recordings in that document. However, there was no other way except going forward.

After a moment of hesitation, he gritted his teeth and continued forward.

He encountered several herds of monsters on the way, but he quickly killed them and was safe.

However, Senxi had an ominous feeling about all this. He felt like a pair of eyes were hiding in the dark and observing him as he fought the evil monsters. It felt like he was a mouse, and a cat was teasing him.

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