Chapter 686: The King of Chambord’s Sun Anomaly (Part One)

After Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand walked through several maze-like corridors and killed more than 20 monsters, he arrived at a more spacious hall.

There were five to six zombies here, slowly wandering around.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand stared at the zombie that had a unique green skin, and his pupil contracted.

This green zombie was much stronger than its peers, and it was around the realm of level 7 or 8 low-tier Morning Sun. Senxi sensed danger from it.

If Senxi didn’t have [Black Reef Staff] which was a semi-god-tier weapon, even though he could defeat it, it would take him a lot of time and energy.

Concerned, he used [Black Reef Staff] to full force and killed this green monster after 20 minutes of hard battle.

As soon as the green zombie died, dashes of light shined down from the ceiling of the cave, getting rid of the darkness. At the same time, the evil energies that were in here were also shattered and destroyed.

“This……” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand relaxed a little.

“Since lights appeared, it seems like things are moving in the right direction. Maybe an exit out of this evil cave will appear soon,” he thought as he exhaled.

As he was looking around, he suddenly saw something and froze.

He wasn’t sure when, but there was someone in front of him dressed in a set of mystical and majestic armor.

This figure was tall, and his long black hair fluttered like the waterfall. While he was standing straight, his back was facing Senxi.

To Senxi, this figure looked familiar. The black armor looked ancient yet barbaric. While it had a violent and murderous presence, a mysterious and supreme king-like aura enveloped it.

-In the sky-

“Hahahaha! King of Chambord! You dared to injure me severely, so I will f*cking kill your woman! This is payback!” That midget-sized assassin sneered as murderous spirits shot out of his eyes.

Even though he knew that this woman named Angela was an important chess piece that the Holy Church wanted, and she was desired by both the Shiye Shrine and Bishop Platini of the Northern Regional Church, he was injured by the King of Chambord and in a state of frenzy. He ignored all the consequences and wanted to take revenge to vent his anger.

The dagger in his hand shone brightly, and the blade was already very close to the smooth neck of the woman in front of him.

This midget-sized assassin felt like he already smelled blood!

Killing! Especially the killing of a beautiful woman such as the one in front of him would bring him extreme pleasure.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sharp air-piercing noises suddenly sounded behind him.

This midget-sized assassin ’s expression changed, but he wasn’t too worried. He adjusted his positions slightly, and some parts of his body bulged and concaved strangely. In the end, he easily dodged all of Elena’s arrows by paying the price of getting his clothes torn.

Even though this happened, his strangely huge hand didn’t move away from its track. The cold dagger was still slashing at Angela’s neck.

At this moment, warriors on the side of Chambord felt like time froze. The hearts of people like Elena and Lampard who were either on the ground or in mid-air stopped pumping for a second, and Blacky couldn’t get away from this enemy even though it roared and fluttered its wings quickly since this midget-sized assassin already got onto its back. Other demon beasts such as the dragons wanted to help as well, but it was too late.

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