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Hail the King Chapter 686.2

Chapter 686: The King of Chambord’s Sun Anomaly (Part Two)

“NO!!!!!!” All the people on the side of Chambord screamed and roared.

“Hahaha!” The midget-sized assassin laughed viciously.

All of this happened in a split second.

Just as people started to get desperate, something mystical happened.

A dash of bright silver energy wave suddenly appeared in the sky, and it expanded outward with a power that was indefensible; it felt like the gods were angry. As it expanded, the entire Chambord City was lit up as if it were daytime.

That midget-sized assassin screamed as if he saw the most terrifying thing in the world, and the great power struck his body. As a series of crackling noises sounded, blood gushed out of his body, and he was injured even more. He lost the ability of staying in mid-air, and he fell from the sky powerlessly.

“Great opportunity! Kill him!”

Valkyrie Elena shouted as her long red hair fluttered in the wind like a cloud of dancing flame, and the bowstring of the [Grand Matron Bow] vibrated quickly, shooting out arrows rapidly and instantly turning the defenseless midget-sized assassin into a huge hedgehog.

“AHHHHHH… No!” The vitality of this midget-sized assassin was insane! Even in this situation, he was still alive, and he tried and struggled to get into the air and achieve stealth.

“Roar!!!!!!!” The angry cries of the demon beasts suddenly sounded around him.

With his last bit of consciousness, this midget-sized assassin saw huge shadows flying toward him.

The sharp teeth and claws pierced into his body, and a smelly blood rain instantly fell from the sky. His body was split apart by the angry demon beasts, and they devoured his flesh!

His existence was completely wiped out!

Until his death, he still didn’t know what happened!

“When my dagger was about to touch that woman’s neck and cut through her throat, the silver throne that she is sitting on suddenly emitted a powerful and unbelievable energy as if it had a life of its own and got angry! It blocked all my attacks, and it released a powerful energy that destroyed my body and my life energy……” This was the last thing on this midget-sized assassin’s mind.

“Angela, are you ok?” Elena finally flew to Blacky, and she got onto its back and asked Angela anxiously, afraid to see Angela bleeding or injured.

“King of Chambord, it is… actually you?”

It wasn’t hard for Senxi to identify this figure in front of him since Fei’s image was too vivid in his mind.

“Hahaha! Of course, it is me!” Fei laughed as he turned around.

Even though the [Immortal King] item set wasn’t complete yet, the items he had were already showing the aura of the Immortal King, Bul-Kathos. That demonic and barbaric aura corresponded and merged with the barbarian bloodline in Fei’s body, making the king look like the reincarnation of Bul-Kathos. It felt like he could ignore all masters in the world since he was so powerful.

“Humph! Your show is useless! Do you think you can defeat me using those weak and powerless monsters? Childish! Tell me, where is this place?!” Senxi asked as he unleashed his holy power and activated [Black Reef Staff]. He was getting more confident since he saw Fei and had the semi-god-tier weapon in his hand. He wasn’t afraid of direct confrontation.

“Hahaha! You have been here for a while; do you still not understand? This is my Sun Anomaly!” Fei looked at Senxi with a playful smile on his face. “Check to see how much of your energy is still left.”

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  1. This has been stretched out by the author, and further stretched by the half chapter releases. My tolerance has been reached, so I will drop this novel for a while. Thanks for the translations, and see you on the other side of my break!

    • the reader and their greed and selfishness.

    • Gibz

      I dont think that’s selfish…
      Its like having sex when suddenly your partner has to leave when its getting good…
      Rather have the whole thing than partial.
      This cliffhanger is just gonna get worse especially when we get to the part where Alexander fights one…. opps sorry lol

      • earthshaker34

        no more like when you are about to pop the cherry but she keeps teasing you…

  2. Nice Anomaly Sun World, it used monster to weaken them, to force them spend all their energy and then when they become so weak, he can just Appear and Kill him ahahahaha 😀

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  3. OG

    Is that like he was a sunclass from the begining but totally ignorant and had to learn? Prolly not, but he can fool the other guy…. Maybe even leave him there?

  4. earthshaker34


  5. Wudarc

    Quanta conversa inútil, o autor poderia ter colocado a descrição da ação do trono ao invés de ma explicação do inimigo.

  6. hikikomori hachiman

    No gaming in your name?

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