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Hail the King Chapter 687.1

Chapter 687: Power of the Stone Crusher (Part One)

As soon as Fei finished speaking, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand’s expression changed.

He tried to sense the amount of holy power in his body subconsciously, and he was instantly shocked as his face turned pale.

After fighting with those monsters using his semi-god-tier combat weapon, the [Black Reef Staff], he had less than two-thirds of his holy power left in his body.

What was even worse was that he couldn’t even replenish his holy power! When he tried to absorb the holy elements in the air, those elements didn’t respond at all!

This phenomenon could only be explained by the fact that he was inside someone else’s Sun Anomaly!

“This is indeed the King of Chambord’s Sun Anomaly,” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand finally realized this.

However, the power and strangeness of this Sun Anomaly were beyond his most pessimistic estimation. In his world, only the legendary peak Burning Sun Lords could comprehend all the laws of nature and create such real Sun Anomalies with living beings in them.

With strength like this, the powerful masters were able to stay above the laws of nature and act like gods!

“Could it be that the King of Chambord had been hiding his strength all this time?” Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was shocked even though he tried to act calm. As he unleashed his holy power and grasped onto the [Black Reef Staff], he raised his guard and started to think about how he could get away.

Since he knew that he couldn’t defeat the King of Chambord, he no longer wanted to fight, and all that he could think of was to get away.

“What is this Sun Anomaly? Since it is so evil, you must have become an undead mage! I advise you to let me go! If you do that, I will ignore what happened, and I won’t tell others about it. In terms of Queen Angela, the Holy Church will also stop intervening,” Senxi said powerlessly with his lips twitching.

Admitting defeat toward Fei was a massive shame for him.

However, the current situation wasn’t in his favor, and he was in real danger. Therefore, he had to drop the dignity as the bishop of a shrine and beg for peace.

After a short pause, he added, “I’m the bishop of one of the five most prominent shrines in the Northern Regional Church, and I’m of prestige status. If you kill me, the Holy Church will get mad for sure. King of Chambord, even though you are powerful, you couldn’t bear the consequences. By then, wars will be waged against Chambord, and blood will create lakes. I’m sure that is not your end goal, right, Your Majesty?”

Fei started laughing.

He was sharp; how could he not tell that Senxi was in no mood to battle?

“Since you started all this, how do you feel asking for forgiveness? I won’t let you go. However, since you are admitting defeat, I will give you one opportunity. Since battles are still going on in the outside world, let’s determine this battle with one strike! If you are still alive after we each use a strike, then I will let you leave my Sun Anomaly, the [Den of Evil]. Otherwise, it would be the decision of the gods to let you die here!”

As soon as Fei said that, he waved his hand, and a huge war hammer that looked like the weapon of a giant appeared in his hand. The hammer had a terrifying aura around it as if it were an ancient beast, and its body was in a dark-red color; no one knew how much blood it had drunk from powerful masters.

The patterns on it were complicated, and people would feel like this hammer could suck away and crush their souls.

This was [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher].

Senxi’s pupils instantly contracted. With his abilities, he could tell how unique and impressive this war hammer was.

With this hammer in hand, the young king’s aura grew by several times, and the shocking pressure coming off him made Senxi a little breathless. Just the wind created by Fei’s aura was suffocating him.

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