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Hail the King Chapter 688.1

Chapter 688: Endless Sun Anomalies (Part One)

Everything in the cave went back to normal and quieted down.

Blood was being spilled, and it dyed part of the wall. As it slid down the wall following the texture of the natural stones, both the wall and the ground were stained.

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand slowly slid down the wall powerlessly, and his body left a horrifying blood trail on the wall.

That strike from Fei almost destroyed all the bones in his body, and cracks even formed on his skin. He wasn’t in a good situation. Also, there was now a deep human-shape dent on the wall, and it was shocking.

However, the vitality of a Sun-Class Lord was impressive.

Even though he was this injured, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand didn’t die right away. He still had his consciousness, and he looked tired yet also relaxed. Since he didn’t die after taking that strike from the King of Chambord, he was going to live on. Although the injury was severe, the holy power of the Holy Church was one of the energies that were best at healing. As long as he didn’t die, he would survive.

“Puff…… Eh! King of Chambord… this war hammer… your power… Damn, you win!”

Even though Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand looked unwilling, he gritted his teeth and officially admitted defeat.

The bones in his body were all broken, and his holy power was depleted. Right now, he was lying on the ground like a dying animal. As he tried his best to glanced around the cave one more time, he asked weakly, “Losing to a talented genius like you isn’t shameful, but I have a question that I hope Your Majesty could answer.”

Fei put away the [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] and looked at Senxi.

“Go on,” he said and nodded.

“What is… your Sun Anomaly? How is there living beings in here? And how are they almost as powerful as us? In addition, you even used your Sun Anomaly within my [Gods’ Forbidden Land] … How did you do all this?” Perhaps it was because he wanted to know the answers badly, Senxi somehow managed to sit up, and his pale face turned a little red.

Fei sneered and said slowly, “My Sun Anomaly is called the [Den of Evil], and I don’t know why there are creatures in here. After I advanced into Sun-Class, this is the first time that I used it. That is that. I thought everyone’s Sun Anomaly is like this. In terms of your last question. Hahaha! Do you think I will tell you that? These kinds of secret techniques are concealed everywhere!”

Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was a little stunned. Even though he looked embarrassed and angry, he couldn’t do anything.

In fact, he was quite confused and not sure what to do.

“The King of Chambord broke several iron laws of cultivation on Azeroth Continent repeatedly. Could it be that he is really a genius among geniuses? Or is he the reincarnation of a god? Both Bishop Platini and I have underestimated him. With such a talented bishop, Black-Cloth Shrine has high hope of restoring its former glory!” he thought to himself.

However, there was no way that he knew Fei’s power came from Diablo World, and he also didn’t realize that Fei didn’t tell the truth.

Fei’s Sun Anomaly was the [Den of Evil], one of the locations on the [Blood Moor] at the first map in Diablo World, [The Rogue Encampment].

After Fei received the first quest in Hell Mode and killed all the monsters in the [Den of Evil], that cold and mysterious voice, which hadn’t appeared in a long time, sounded by Fei’s ears and rewarded this cave to Fei as a virtue space.

In a sense, Fei could summon the [Den of Evil] when he was in a battle in the real world, and it will be his battlefield. It was very similar to the Sun Anomalies of other Sun-Class Lords, and Fei could control everything in here.

In the [Den of Evil], Fei could replenish all his power at will, and his opponents’ depleted energy wouldn’t be able to recover at this place. In fact, Fei could even use a [Town Portal Scroll] to go back to [The Rogue Encampment] and stock up on potions and change items.

What was more surprising was that his opponents were like bosses in Diablo World. If they were killed in here, the items they had on them could be dropped.

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  1. earthshaker34

    ” If they were killed in here, the items they had on them could be dropped.” bruh… dream of every MMO player 😀

  2. Netzach

    We call it : A CHEAT!!!

  3. Enemies dropping items when they die? It’s normal, it’s call looting the corpses…

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