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Hail the King Chapter 688.2

Chapter 688: Endless Sun Anomalies (Part Two)

Didn’t matter who it was, unless they reached peak Burning Sun Realm, they would be locked in the [Den of Evil] forever. They could only battle with the monsters that would be reborn, and they couldn’t leave here with portals if Fei didn’t allow them.

The [Den of Evil] was similar to Sun Anomalies but more powerful.

Since Fei’s power came from Diablo World, he was on a different path of cultivation compared with the masters in the real world. Although he couldn’t use laws of nature to construct his own Sun Anomalies, he could summon the [Den of Evil] and break the iron laws. For example, he summoned the [Den of Evil] in Senxi’s Sun Anomaly, [God’s Forbidden Land], and turned the situation around quickly.

Anyone else who was on par with Senxi in terms of power would die for sure inside the [God’s Forbidden Land].

There were reasons why Fei didn’t use his trump cards right after he was sucked into the [Gods’ Forbidden Land]. He only tried to dodge and even let the red lightning bolts that contained holy power hit him for a few times, and that was because he wanted to use Senxi’s power to completely melt and dissolve the last bit of golden energy in his body that came from the Ancients in Nightmare Mode. In addition, the poison that midget-sized assassin left in his body was quite deadly, and Fei didn’t have any of the [Antidote Potion] from Diablo World. Therefore, he also borrowed the power of the lightning to break down and dissolve the poison.

The battle was over.

However, Fei knew that he couldn’t kill this man in front of him yet.

With Fei’s current power and status, it was ok for him to kill a few Moon-Class Elites of the Holy Church. However, killing the bishop of one of the five prominent shrines in the Northern Regional Church was going to be a huge offense. Fei hadn’t been canonized by Bishop Platini yet and wasn’t the official bishop of the Black-Cloth Shrine. If he killed Senxi right now, Chambord would be in a lot of trouble.

Fei waved his hand and pulled that [Black Reef Staff], which was on the ground further away, into his hand.

Without the support of a vast amount of holy power, this semi-god-tier combat weapon returned to its original form. It was curly and full of bumps, looking like a rough wooden stick used to stir campfires.

When it landed in Fei’s hand, this staff seemed to have its own mind and tried to struggle non-stop.

With a cold sneer, Fei rubbed it with his finger. A powerful force wiped by and took out that rebellious intelligence in the staff.

With a sad whine, the [Black Reef Staff] calmed down.

“This semi-god-tier combat weapon will be kept at the Black-Cloth Shrine for now. The Red-Sand Shrine no longer has the qualification to have such an item. When your Red-Sand Shrine gets a new brave and intelligent bishop, who abides by the [Code of God] and no longer behaves like the lapdog of the Shiye Shrine, he can come to Five Sword Sky Mountain to get back this semi-god-tier combat weapon!”

After saying that, Fei put the [Black Reef Staff] into his own storage space.

Bishop Senxi instantly opened his mouth and spat out another mouthful of blood as his expression changed. Fei damaged his spirit energy again by wiping out the portion of his spirit energy that was in the staff, but he didn’t cuss or fight back. He knew that it was useless for now, and he could only try to come up with another plan after recovery.

“Can I get other locations in Diablo World as my Sun Anomalies? After all, the [Den of Evil] is a bit small. Places like the [Arcane Sanctuary], [River of Flames], [Arreat Summit], [Worldstone Keep], and [Throne of Destruction] are much grander and more mysterious. It would be great if I get those places in the future!” Fei drooled as he thought about that.

Then, he waved his hand and stopped the summoning, and the endless black cave around him quickly disappeared bit by bit as if it were an illusion.

As the nightly breeze blew by, Fei and Senxi re-appeared in the sky above Chambord City.

Severely injured, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand couldn’t stay in the air anymore. He fell from the sky and screamed.

If he landed on the ground in his current condition, he probably would be smashed into pieces.

Right now, the battles on the square already ended.

The winners were all looking up at the sky and waiting anxiously.

At this moment, a gust of wind appeared, and a figure dashed by and caught Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand.

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