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Hail the King Chapter 689.1

Chapter 689: The Kingdom on The Rise (Part One)

This person was in a black cloak, and he was quite muscular.

Right now, blood was flowing down his lips, and there was a hole in his waist. This hole was about the circumference of an arm, and one could see through it; it was terrifying.

Ordinary people would have died from such a severe injury, but this man was still mobile and could stay in the sky.

He was Lemorz, one of the two elders of the Shiye Shrine who came here.

He dashed by and caught Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand who was falling, and he quickly backed off.

Then, another figure dashed over and stood with Lemorz.

This person was also in rough shape. His black cloak was nowhere to be seen, and he was wearing a robe that he found from somewhere. This new robe was too small for him, and a portion of his lower legs was exposed. As he stayed in the sky, blood flowed out of his mouth and nose, and he looked furious. He was the other elder of Shiye, Dior.

Fei was a little surprised to see them, but he calmed down after seeing how terrible of a condition that they were in.

From the looks of it, it seemed like they weren’t victorious against Right Deacon of Black-Cloth, Batistuta, and the Undead Mage.

Fei glanced around and saw those two Sun-Class Lords standing on the ground with the crowd. Batistuta used up a lot of his holy power, but he didn’t have many injuries on his body. On the other hand, Hazel Bank stood there as if nothing happened. From his aura and look, it seemed like he wasn’t in a battle.

The two of them won.

The battles also indirectly compared the two Sun-Class Lords who were under the command of King Alexander. Dior and Lemorz were on the same level, but Hazel Bank didn’t use all his power to win compared with Batistuta who used a lot of effort. It was clear who was more powerful.

The battles on Tiananmen Square ended about four minutes after that midget-sized assassin died to the demon beasts.

Seeing that Angela almost died under the assassination, Valkyrie Elena who was furious stood on Blacky and poured her anger onto the masters of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance].

Her bowstring vibrated quickly, and the arrows were shot down like raindrops. The arrows were lethal, and they tore through the darkness and hit all the Moon-Class Elites who were still trying to fight back. The arrows dashed down like meteors that dragged longtails, and they nailed the masters onto the ground, freezing their limbs with the ice magic energy. Even though these masters wanted to fight back, they were no match.

The anger of the Valkyrie was shocking. She was only one step away from Sun-Class, and her strength was completely revealed.

Seeing this, those envoys and guests from other kingdoms and empires were stunned, and they shivered subconsciously. Even though they weren’t a part of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance], they were still a little fearful of such great power.

Looking up at the beautiful and invincible Valkyrie who was in a set of fancy armor and those vicious supreme king-level demon beasts that arranged themselves in a formation under the command of Angela who was in her long white dress, the outsiders were shocked to their cores.

The stunning visual images, as well as the powerful and wild auras, made them feel like they were dreaming.

“The two beautiful Queens of Chambord aren’t less powerful than the King of Chambord! From now on, who else could rival them within 500,000 kilometers of Chambord?” they thought, “From now on, those three can go anywhere on the continent!”

[Sky Covering Fist] King of Chambord! [Red and White Beauties] Queens of Chambord!

All the guests were thinking, “We have to take this opportunity to strengthen our friendship with Chambord! Their momentum is too strong! No one can press them down now!”

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