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Hail the King Chapter 689.2

Chapter 689: The Kingdom on The Rise (Part Two)

At this moment, a series of roars sounded in the sky, as loud as thunder.

Two figures smashed down from the high sky like two meteors; they were the two elders of the Shiye Shrine. One of them was severely injured while the other almost got cut in half from the waist, and his black cloak was destroyed. They were being chased by two figures enveloped in white and black energy flames.

When the two figures in the white and black energy flames got closer, people on the square saw that they were the two Sun-Class Elites who were summoned by the King of Chambord.

The situation was clear; the two elders of Shiye lost.

Batistuta and Hazel Bank were notified by Fei ahead of time, so they didn’t kill their opponents. After coming down from the high sky, they hovered in mid-air and had their guards up, protecting the people on the ground. The two elders of Shiye couldn’t do anything but swallow their shame and try their best to heal up in the sky using holy power.

While they were doing that, they glanced at the ground and got furious and shocked when they saw that the rest of [Dragon Hunt Alliance] lost as well.

Now, everyone was waiting for the outcome of the battle between the King of Chambord and Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand.

People in the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] and the two elders of Shiye all placed their hopes on Senxi. After all, Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand was an experienced Sun-Class Lord, and he had the [Black Reef Staff], which was a semi-god-tier combat weapon. If he defeated the King of Chambord, the situation still could be turned around.

The result came in less than 10 minutes.

A series of crackling noises sounded, and blood started to drip down from space. Then, two figures appeared, and one of them screamed and fell from the sky. Dior got a clear look, and he saw that this man was Senxi. It was evident that the King of Chambord crushed him since he couldn’t even stay in the air.

After saving Senxi, the two elders of Shiye looked at each other in shock. They could tell that Senxi was even more severely injured than them, but the King of Chambord was unharmed.

Suddenly, the people on the side of Chambord such as the masters, students, and soldiers finally realized what happened, and they couldn’t hold back their excitement and cheered loudly; it sounded like there was a tsunami, and the cheers overpowered all other noises in nature!

Looking at the invincible figure who was tall, handsome, and had long black hair, all the Chambordians felt like their blood was boiling and their souls were igniting.

If it weren’t for King Alexander, the ending tonight would have been drastically different.

If this happened to some big empires, those emperors would have had to endure the shame and hand over their queens to the Holy Church, becoming the laughingstock of the continent and adding more perceived power to the Holy Church.

Except for Chambord, who else dared to resist the Holy Church?

Pride, excitement, elation… cheers, roars, howls…

All the sound waves added together were deafening.

At this moment, Tiananmen Square seemed like an erupting volcano, and Chambord was like a sleeping dragon that woke up and roared, shaking the entire continent.

“King of Chambord! You are so cruel! How dare you injure Bishop Senxi to this degree? Just wait! You will be punished!” Lemorz shouted in shame, “You will pay for this! The Shiye Shrine and Bishop Platini won’t forgive you!”

“Don’t think that you won just by getting a little advantage. I won’t let go of any Chambordians!” Dior also threatened viciously.

“Get the f*ck out of here!” Murderous spirit shot out of Fei’s eyes, and he sneered, “You are just two idiotic old dogs! You are probably out of your minds after staying in your palaces for so long. Not everyone is afraid of the Shiye Shrine, and don’t think that I won’t kill you! F*ck off!”

As soon as Fei said that, loud noises struck the elders of Shiye, and Fei’s two golden fist marks that flew out also forced them back for hundreds of meters. A vague image of a barbarian king that was more than 100 meters tall appeared behind Fei, and the barbaric sensation and the murderous spirit terrified the two elders of Shiye. They finally realized that the person whom they were facing was extraordinary.

Then, the three masters of the Holy Church screamed and dashed away quickly and didn’t dare to turn back even though Fei’s laughter resonated in the sky.

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