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Hail the King Chapter 690.1

Chapter 690: Dealing with Prisoners (Part One)

Seeing those three masters of the Holy Church running away in despair and fear, a ferocious expression flashed on Fei’s face. However, he smiled and didn’t chase.

“Much thanks to you two!” Fei slowly landed on the ground, and he instantly expressed his gratitude toward Batistuta and Hazel Bank.

If it weren’t for these two Sun-Class Lords who stopped the two elders of the Shiye Shrine, it would have been hard for Chambord to turn the situation around.

“It is my honor to serve you, Your Majesty!” Hazel Bank nodded. He didn’t appear much in Chambord City, and Fei didn’t officially introduce him to the officials and warriors of Chambord. Therefore, most people didn’t know him, and they observed him with curiosity.

The Undead Mage didn’t say much more. He turned into a dash of black light and disappeared into the back mountains of Chambord.

Seeing how calm the Undead Mage was, Fei also relaxed further. From the look of things, even though his opponent was one of the powerful elders of the Shiye Shrine, Hazel Bank still defeated his opponent without revealing his identity as an undead mage.

Summoning Hazel Bank to battle was a risk that Fei had to take.

Even though the Black-Cloth Shrine still had some accumulations, and Left Deacon Lexberg was also a Sun-Class Lord in addition to Batistuta, he wasn’t able to arrive at Chambord City in time. Therefore, Hazel Bank had to take his spot in battle.

“Hahaha! Tonight’s battle was thrilling! Seeing those three lapdogs of Platini running away with tails between their legs, it sure vented the frustration that accumulated on my mind for these years! Hahaha!” Batistuta laughed. For all these years, the Black-Cloth Shrine had been pressured by other shrines all the time, and it had never fought back in this direct manner.

He added, “Your Majesty, since the situation here is done, I will go back to supervising the construction of the shrine!”

After he said that, he turned into a dash of white light and also disappeared into the direction of the Five Sword Sky Mountain.

After the two Sun-Class Lords left, the people on the square of Chambord finally felt like the mountains on their minds were lifted, and they could finally breathe normally again.

Even though Hazel Bank and Batistuta weren’t trying to unleash their auras, their sensations that they had around them were too much for other people to take. After all, the power ladder on the Azeroth Continent was strict, and the weaker warriors couldn’t do anything but feel pressured

“Alexander!” Seeing Fei’s safe return, Angela and Elena ran over and stood by his sides anxiously yet joyously.

Right now, the two queens no longer looked threatening and powerful! They were gentle and gorgeous, making people in the area surprised over their change of appearance. All the guests were now almost drooling over Fei’s luck and fortune.

Angela dismissed the Demon Beast Legion, and Blacky and the three dragons led the supreme king-level demon beasts back into the vast and limitless forests and mountains behind Chambord City.

Even though Tiananmen Square was in a mess, it didn’t affect the Chambordians’ joy and happiness.

“Greeting! Your Majesty and Your Highnesses!”

The masters of Chambord quickly kneeled and cheered.

Then, except for those members of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] as well as the envoy group of Zenit that was led by Second Prince Dominguez, all other guests and envoys kneeled and cheered, “Hail the King!”

After witnessing this huge battle, almost all of them were terrified.

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