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Hail the King Chapter 690.2

Chapter 690: Dealing with Prisoners (Part Two)

Although a lot of people were unwilling to admit, they knew that Chambord was on the rise, and no one could stop them.

Everyone already started the countdown! In their minds, Chambord was going to become an empire for sure! With such terrifying strength, a little Zenit Empire was no longer able to manage and command such an affiliated kingdom. Many people believed that if the King of Chambord wanted, he could overthrow the Zenit Empire and become the new emperor!

In the crowd, Second Prince Dominguez slightly squinted his eyes, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

Beside him, [Demonic Woman] Paris was a little emotional.

About a year ago, the King of Chambord was still a little king who was insignificant. In order to survive through the chaos, he had to pretend to be dead on the peak of the east mountain during his own canonization ceremony. It allowed him to fool both the Elder Princess and her, giving him a sad victory.

But now, the King of Chambord became a giant who overshadowed almost everyone at Zenit. His thoughts could drastically change the fate of many empires and masters.

[Red Beard] Granello tried his best not to look shocked, but he had already lost the ability to speak momentarily.

About half a year ago, the King of Chambord could only be considered as a talented king of the new generation. On the night that the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group got taken out, Granello represented Second Prince Dominguez and met with the people of Chambord. When he saw the King of Chambord that night, even though Fei was a bit overbearing, he couldn’t rival with the princes and the empire. Now…

Granello started to think about one question. “If a conflict breaks out between the Chambord Kingdom and the Zenit Empire, who is more likely to win?”

The answer left him in a more profound shock.

The Chambordians sure were fast and efficient.

In less than half an hour, Tiananmen Square that was ruined by all the battles got quickly restored. All the deep pits and holes were filled and smoothed out by the Worker Legion, and the blood and flesh on the ground were quickly cleaned.

The magic lanterns were lit up again, shining light on the square that was under the night sky.

The envoys and guests from various forces sat back down on their seats, and the bylaw enforcement officers brought the captives to the northern side of the square. The captives were the Moon-Class Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] who survived through the big battle.

Cygnus Saint Ed Hazard single-kneeled and looked up at the king with crazy admiration in his eyes.

“My Lord, what should we do with these captives?” he asked for further instructions.

Fei glanced at these masters.

There were around 30 Moon-Class Elites on the side of [Dragon Hunt Alliance], but fewer than 15 of them were still alive. Their masks and cloaks were all taken off, revealing their faces. Fei didn’t know most of them, but he was sure that they were masters from the various powerful empires in the region.

Among them, Disov and two other people who were in church-style robes were most eye-catching.

“Alexander, you should let us go! Humph! Bishop Platini wouldn’t let this go easily!” Sensing Fei’s stares, Disov didn’t know his place and threatened.

“King of Chambord, Chambord can’t bear the consequences of killing masters of the Holy Church!” Rakanic said with a cold grin on his face as well. Just like his two peers, he didn’t think that the Chambordians dared to do anything to them. Therefore, they still weren’t scared.

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