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Hail the King Chapter 691.1

Chapter 691: The Arrival of One Messenger (Part One)

The masters of Chambord in the area were all angry.

Also, the envoys and guests from other kingdoms and empires wanted to know how Chambord was going to deal with these Moon-Class Elites who were now captives.

In fact, there were so many Moon-Class Elite here that it was beyond strange. If Chambord were able to somehow bring them into its force, the power of Chambord would grow into an even more terrifying level.

Fei sneered and waved his hand, and a golden sword energy came out of his fingers and dashed forward.


Three heads flew into the air.

Disov and his two peers couldn’t believe it! Until that sword energy actually killed them, they didn’t think that the King of Chambord dared to touch them without even giving an excuse. After all, they were holy knights who were known in the Northern Regional Church!

As blood gushed into the air, the three corpses collapsed onto the ground.

“Butcher!” The envoys and guests who were sitting in the VIP areas shivered in fear, and their faces changed color.

Since the King of Chambord even dared to kill the Moon-Class Holy Knights of the Holy Church, who wouldn’t he dare to kill? It would be too terrifying to trigger and offend someone like this king!

The other Moon-Class Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] sensed a chill coming up their spines and right into their skulls, and they felt like they were placed in a freezer.

Immediately, people started to kneel and beg for mercy ashen-faced. “Honorable Lord! Supreme King Alexander of Chambord! Please forgive me! I was trick by them and came here without knowledge! I’m willing to serve the Chambord Kingdom and fight for Your Majesty! Please show mercy!”

Fei shook his head and said, “Execute!”

Then, short white-haired Pierce stood out and raised his arm. Saint Sword Excalibur dashed down, and then a head rolled on the ground.

People in the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] saw this scene, and some people got another idea. One of them stood up and shouted, “King of Chambord! Kill me if you want! I’m a Moon-Class Elite, and I have my dignity! I will never kneel and surrender to my enemies! Hahaha! On the path of cultivation, losing means death! Today, even if I die, I won’t regret dying in the hands of true masters!”

What this person said was honorable and master-like. A lot of people around him were surprised, and some of them got a better impression of him.

“This is the true presence and dignity of a Moon-Class Elite!” they thought.

Just when everyone thought that the King of Chambord would pardon this person and recruit him for being such an honorable master, Fei sneered and shook his head. “Execute!”

Pierce raised his arm, and Saint Sword Excalibur appeared again. Suddenly a terrified expression appeared on this Moon-Class Elite’s face. Before he could beg for forgiveness, he was already killed without mercy.

Then, Fei glanced at the rest of the Moon-Class Elites who were still alive.

His stare wasn’t sharp, but it wasn’t indecisive and troubled as well.

After a short pause, Fei said calmly, “Since you guys came to Chambord with the intent of killing and robbing, I don’t think you would have let go of my citizens if Chambord lost the battle tonight. All actions have consequences, and you should have thought about this beforehand. People die of greed. Don’t blame me for being cruel and inhumane. Today, I’m going to borrow your heads and tell those bandits, who are still looking at Chambord with greed, the consequences of messing with us!”

After that was said, the Moon-Class Elites knew that they couldn’t survive through the night. Some people cussed, some people stated their identities and threatened, some people turned ashen-faced, some people begged and shivered, and some people tried to break free…

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