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Hail the King Chapter 691.2

Chapter 691: The Arrival of One Messenger (Part Two)

All of that was useless.


As Fei commanded sharply without hesitation, Pierce and other saint seiyas of Chambord all dropped their blades. Heads rolled on the ground like watermelons, and more than a dozen Moon-Class Elites were killed without a single one of them being spared.

Witnessing this scene, the outsiders who were seated in the southern, eastern, and western areas on the square shivered even more. The way they looked at the King of Chambord and the Chambordians changed, and they were in fear. They all swore in their minds that they wouldn’t try to get on the wrong side of Chambord.

“These savages in the north are too violent, too ferocious, and too terrifying!” they thought.

Soon, Chambordians moved the corpses away, and the mages of Chambord used water-elemental magic spells to clean the area.

Fei sighed in his mind slightly.

One year ago, when he was canonized on the peak of the east mountain of Chambord, it turned into a bloody battle, and his crown was stained by blood.

Today, a similar bloody battle broke out during his wedding…

This was a continent ruled by the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. Being nice to people and merciful on this continent without absolute power was a joke. As long as someone was weak, he or she would be dominated by others, didn’t matter who nice or friendly they were.

For a moment, the atmosphere on the square was tranquil.

Suddenly, a series of fast, clip-clopping noises sounded and broke the silence.

People turned their heads, and they saw a man in tight-fit yellow clothes dashing through the street on a horse. He was pushing the horse to its absolute peak performance with an anxious expression on his face.

Right now, the outside and the inside of Chambord City must be guarded tightly. This man wasn’t that powerful, but he was able to dash in the city without restrictions and reached Tiananmen Square. The only explanation for this was that this man in yellow was a member of Chambord.

Just from the anxious look on this man’s face, one could tell that something big was taking place.

“Chambord just obtained this historic and legendary victory! What could be happening?” people thought.

Everyone got curious.

After this man in yellow got to the exterior of Tiananmen Square in a flash, he showed no sign of slowing down; he was going to charge into the wedding ceremony of the king! The bylaw enforcement officers who were guarding the venue were about to stop him, but this man raised his hand and showed a palm-sized token that had the two-headed dog, an ax, and a sword on it. It had a red glow, and it was the token granted by the king.

Seeing this, all the bylaw enforcement officers moved away, making a path for him.

This man in yellow wasn’t blocked, and he got to the throne which was located in the northern area on the square.

“Your Majesty…… Capital…… Something big is happening in the Capital!”

This man in yellow jumped off his horse, and he was panting heavily. When he walked and staggered, people finally noticed that this man’s inner thighs and butt were all bloody; it was clear that he didn’t rest and rode the horse all the way from St. Petersburg back to Chambord; that was how the skin on his lower body got essentially rubbed off.

Before he could finish speaking, he pulled out a letter and fainted.

Just then, a long, sad whine sounded. The yellow horse that this man was riding on collapsed onto the ground with white foams coming out of its mouth. Even though wind-elemental magic arrays were still flashing in its legs, its body twitched, and it looked like this horse couldn’t live anymore.

Everyone was stunned.

A handsome horse that was empowered by wind-elemental magic arrays died from running, and an experienced rider passed out from exhaustion. What was going on? What was so urgent?

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