Chapter 692: Something Big Happened (Part One)

Fei’s expression turned serious.

He recognized this man in yellow; he was a member of Chambord’s intelligence network, [Letter Office].

Due to the battle tonight, Fei had to summon Military Leader of Rogue Encampment, Kashya, so the [Letter Office] couldn’t use her to deliver messages to Fei through the magic teleportation portals.

Therefore, they had to send their best rider and fastest horse to pass on the message from St. Petersburg which was very far away.

“Something big must have happened. Otherwise, Modric who is very steady and calm wouldn’t be so anxious and give this order!” Fei thought.

After getting the magic letter from this man’s hand, Fei signaled Torres and asked him to take this man in yellow away for healing.

With everyone’s eyes on him, Fei opened the letter and quickly read it. As soon as he started reading it, his expression changed; he didn’t say anything for a while.

Then, he raised his hand and sent the letter flying to Second Prince Dominguez who was sitting in the VIP area.

With a confused expression, Dominguez looked at Fei and then read the letter.

In the next moment, this prince who was always calm and collected was shocked. With the letter in his hands, he shivered uncontrollably, and an anxious and mad expression appeared on his face.

This scene made all the people around him curious.

“What happened? Why are both the King of Chambord and Prince Dominguez so stunned?” they thought.

After reading the letter, Dominguez passed the letter to two of his core followers, [Demonic Woman] Paris and [Red Beard] Granello.

As soon as they finished reading the letter, their expressions turned ugly as if they learned something unbelievable. In the next moment, they both looked at the King of Chambord who was sitting on his throne.

Dominguez walked out of the VIP area and went to face Fei. After a moment of pause, he organized his words and asked as he stared at Fei in the eyes, “Alexander, would Chambord ignore this situation?”

People were confused as to why this prince asked this question.

However, Fei nodded and said, “Chambord is a member of Zenit, so we won’t just stay here and watch. However, it isn’t the right time for Chambord to get involved.”

Second Prince Dominguez stared at Fei in his eyes as if he wanted to read some of Fei’s thoughts. A few seconds passed, and he nodded and replied, “Ok, I believe you. As a friend, I believe that you will make the correct decision.”

After that, this handsome prince instantly turned around and walked to the other people who came to Chambord with him. He commanded, “Everyone in the envoy group, get ready! Ditch all heavy items and only pack the essentials. We are leaving in ten minutes, and we need to return to St. Petersburg as soon as we can!”

Then, this group of people quickly left.

“Alexander, I hope that we can still meet again in this life.” Before she left, Paris who was really alluring turned around and looked at Fei with a complicated expression, and her tone sounded pessimistic and sad even though she had a smile on her face. After that, she left with the other people quickly.

“Looks like something huge happened in the Capital of Zenit. What happened? Could it be… Could it be that Emperor Yassin who is rumored to be dying finally died? Did all the injuries in his body and the corrosion of time kill him? That is probably the only thing that would get Second Prince Dominguez of Zenit this anxious. It is well-known that these two princes are fighting for the throne fiercely. As soon as Emperor Yassin dies, the battle for the throne would be over!” The people who were cleverer already started to guess and make assumptions.

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