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Hail the King Chapter 693.1

Chapter 693: Terrifying Xuan’ge! (Part One)

After about three minutes, even regular Star-Level Warrior and Mages were able to sense a great amount of energy coming over from the south direction. Something powerful and quick was dashing over in the sky, and it felt like a god was descending from heaven.

“What is that?” Everyone was surprised. This aura wasn’t from a living being. Instead, it felt like a huge magic array was moving in the sky! It was beyond strange!

After dozens of seconds passed, Fei’s expression suddenly changed; it looked like he was stunned.

He waved his hand, and the masters of Chambord instantly understood what he meant. They formed a defense formation and protected Angela in the middle since she didn’t know any combat techniques.

In the next moment, a huge shadow enveloped in flashing green and black lights slowly showed itself in the southern sky.

“That is…”

Everyone gasped, and they couldn’t utter a word! It felt like they were struck by lightning!

A huge barge appeared in the nightly sky.

It was a battle barge that was flying in the sky!

This battle barge was about 500 meters long and 200 meters wide, and it was all black.

The black sails on this barge were fluttering in the air like crazy, looking like huge blades that were going to tear up the sky. Also, all kinds of mysterious magic runes were engraved on the barge, flashing green and black lights.

There were clouds of light green wind-elemental magic energy swirling below the barge, lifting this huge structure in the air and moving it toward the direction of Chambord.

It was a terrifying product of a magic civilization!

Fei was completely shocked!

This was the most unbelievable magic product he had ever seen after he came to the Azeroth Continent.

A mysterious battle barge that could float and move in the sky was more powerful than the planes on Earth! In fact, it reminded him of the Helicarrier in Marvel Comics! It made him feel like he was dreaming!

The Reverse Whale Battleship, [King Alexander], was a mimic of a battleship from the Mythical Era. Since it was built using the techniques of the magic civilization, it could sail on the river but also seal itself and submerge underwater like submarines. It made Fei quite proud.

However, comparing Reverse Whale Battleship with this floating battle barge, it was way too inferior.

Not only Fei, but all the people around him such as Cech and Drogba were all stunned; it was their first time seeing such a magnificent sky fortress.

“It is a Xuan’ge! It is a Xuan’ge from the Ormond Empire. Why is something like this here?” Strategist and Advisor, Old Aryang, who was silent all this time suddenly gasped. As a complicated expression appeared on his face, his body shivered violently. No one knew if it were due to fear or anger.

“Xun’ge?” Fei thought of something and asked.

Old Aryang nodded and said slowly, “That is right. The Ormond Empire, a level 7 empire, has flying battle barges named Xuan’ge. They are made from a unique wood material called ironwood. These ironwoods are black and look like metal. However, they are tougher than iron but lighter than wood. In addition, they have great magic conductivity and are specialties of the Ormond Empire. After several generations of talents and geniuses, the empire created the huge flying battle barges that we are seeing today. They are named Xuan’ge, and they are flying fortresses that the Ormond Empire replies on to be a superpower. In several big wars, they helped the empire out and destroyed its enemies. They are true rulers of the sky!”

After hearing the explanation, the people in the area finally understood the origin of this huge black flying barge.

“The Ormond Empire? Level 7?” Fei frowned and thought, “The Zenit Empire is only a small level 1 empire, and the Leon Empire, which dominates in the region of 500,000 kilometers around Zenit, is only a level 6 empire. That means this Xuan’ge might be from one million kilometers away… They are up to no good!”

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