Chapter 693: Terrifying Xuan’ge! (Part Two)

“Hehehe, damn it! We don’t give a f*ck about the Ormond Empire and this damn Xuan’ge! How dare they be so arrogant in the territory of Chambord? Hehe, Your Majesty, let me go and take control of it! It will be a gift to Your Majesty and the two Highnesses. In the future, Your Majesty can ride it around and show off! Haha!”

Drogba rubbed his chin and laughed, and he and Pierce asked Fei for permission to attack that barge.

“Don’t underestimate this Xuan’ge. 500 meters long… It can be the main force in a Xuan’ge Legion! One to two Moon-Class Elites won’t be able to take it down……” Old Aryang was afraid that Fei might underestimate the enemy, so he quickly tried to stop Drogba and Pierce.

Fei looked at Old Aryang and thought, “This strategist of mine has stories of his own. He is very familiar with the Ormond Empire, so he probably has a lot of connections with it.”

As the Chambordians talked among each other, that huge Xuan’ge already arrived at the outskirts of Chambord City.

At this moment, signal-like red lights flashed on the Xuan’ge, and the black sails all lowered. This battle barge stopped moving, and it floated in the sky like a huge mountain, giving off a suffocating pressure.

Lights dashed out of Fei’s eyes, and he was able to clearly see that the Xuan’ge was indeed like an aircraft carrier that was flying in the sky. On the deck, many people were running around and looked busy.  Since they were far away, they looked at ants at the moment. There were at least 400 to 500 people on the deck, and they were organized well and doing their job, controlling this huge battle fortress in the air.

Fei waved his hand and signaled.


His guard, Torres, pulled out his bow and shot out a fire arrow.

“People on the Xuan’ge, stand out and answer the question! Why are you in the territory of Chambord without any permission?” The abundant warrior energy empowered Torres’ voice, and it sounded as loud as thunder, resonating in the sky.

At the same time, all the [Dragon Slayer] crossbows turned around in the fortresses of Chambord on the ground, and the huge arrows targeted the Xuan’ge in the sky, being alerted to the full degree.

However, it was completely silent on the Xuan’ge.

Only a series of red lights flashed.

“This Xuan’ge is charging up its magic cannon at the front of the barge! It is about to attack!” Old Aryang was suddenly shocked.

However, before he could finish, a cloud of orange lights appeared at the front of the barge as if it were accumulating energy. Then, the barge shivered as if a beast in hell was screaming, and a beam of fire that had a diameter of more than 10 meters shot out of the front of the barge and came crashing down at the defense wall of Chambord in silence.

Before the Chambordians could react, a series of booming noises sounded, and the ground shook violently as if there was an earthquake. Then, a portion of the defense wall that was longer than 40 meters collapsed like a sand sculpture. Even though magic arrays empowered it, it was turned into ruins.

Such an attack speed!

In just a flash, the defense wall of Chambord City was opened. Even though Chambord was dominant at the moment, they weren’t able to react in time and save the situation.

“Damn it! There are our brothers on the defense wall!” Pierce and Drogba were shocked, and they roared and dashed toward the portion of the defense wall that was destroyed.

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